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5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Buying A Good Bra

Many women complain about not being able to get the correct fit for their underwear. As a result, people are uncomfortable or continue to fidget with their garments. This may get quite awkward. You may avoid this by avoiding the following frequent blunders that women make while shopping for a bra.

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#1. One-Size-Fits-All

The most prevalent issue that most women have is not knowing their exact cup size. In fact, out of humiliation, many avoid asking for higher cup size and instead strive to “fit” into whatever size they are given.

Here’s how to solve it: If your breasts are spilling over the side of the cup, it is apparent that the cup is too tiny. Make certain that the cup’s underwire ends where your breasts do. Also, keep in mind that cup sizes are not standard. It is determined by the band size, therefore if your band size changes, so will your cup size.

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#2. Failing To Select The Right Band Size

Most bra experts believe that choosing a wider band size and a smaller cup size is a typical error that practically every woman does. If your band is too loose, your bra will not offer you the necessary support and lift.

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Here’s how to solve it: Put one or two fingers beneath the band; if there is room for more than two fingers, the band is too large for your body type. You should be aware that a bra has two distinct components: cup size and band size. Get a bra with the correct band and cup size, even if it seems excessive.

#3. The Hypothesis Of The Final Hook

Plus size bras have been known to extend up to three inches with use. That’s when you need to move on to the next set of hooks. As a result, while choosing a bra, the fit must be observed from the outermost hooks rather than the inner ones. This gives you the option of tightening the bra later if it loosens.

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Here’s how to solve it: Yes, while choosing a bra and determining your band size, always start with the outermost hooks. Always get a bra that fits snugly on the outermost hooks. Only after you’ve used it for a time should you go for the inner hooks.

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#4. Riding On The Back Of A Horse

Many ladies might be seen fussing with these intricate animals hidden behind their garments. The band rides up in the back, which is a usual complaint. This occurs only when the rear band is tighter than the underwire.

Here’s how to solve it: your bra’s back band should never be higher than your underwire. If it is, the bra will not fit properly and you will feel uncomfortable wearing it.

#5. Ignoring “Sister Sizes”

Most women are unaware of the concept of “sister sizes.” If you discover a bra that is nearly ideal but not quite there, you should seek its sister size. Most women do not want perfection, which is why they have a problem with their bras.

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