5 Valuable Tips To Prevent A Fire


About 70% of fires in our country occur in the residential sector. Lack of oxygen and toxic emissions of burning materials cause deaths in 50% of cases – it is important to choose safe products for construction and decoration that will not only not harm, but also hold back the onslaught of fire.

How To Prevent A Fire?

It is difficult to completely eliminate the possibility of a fire in a house, but it is quite possible to minimize its consequences and protect your own lives. We follow the advice of professionals.

Follow established safety standards

For apartment buildings, there are strict standards and a fire safety declaration, without which the building will not be accepted for operation. Owners of private property should check and analyze the fire safety system of their home themselves.

For country houses, compliance with established standards is especially important due to their remoteness from big cities: it takes more time for the arrival of the fire brigade. It is best to consider security measures at the stage of work of architects.

Keep Wiring Under Control

One of the weakest points and frequent causes of fires is electrical wiring. The layout of its location should be well developed and reflected in the project along with other engineering networks. In accordance with the norms, all electric wires must be protected with fireproof insulating materials, and instead of copper wiring, it is better to prefer aluminum – more reliable and safe.

Sockets and switches should be located at least 60 cm from water sources.  It is important for circuit protection to provide a grounding system and a residual current device in case of a short circuit.  Practice shows that a responsible approach to the installation and diagnostics of electrical wiring in a house reduces the risk of fires by a third.

Think about the location and layout of your home

According to fire safety standards, a residential building can be built no closer than ten meters from other buildings and no closer than eight meters from the garage. But in reality, the garage often occupies the ground floor of the dwelling or is closely adjacent to it. In such cases, it is necessary to install a separating vestibule with an iron door.

In order not to fall into the fire trap at the main entrance door, it is important to provide an emergency exit, and with a large area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house – at least two. For the same reason, it is not recommended to protect windows with bars or roller shutters – during a fire, they will turn into dangerous barriers.

Install Fire Protection Systems

In recent years, fire alarms and automatic fire extinguishing systems have become increasingly widespread. They are installed not only in offices, shopping centers and enterprises, but also in private households. Such a decision greatly increases the safety of the family and the safety of property, but it also requires significant material investments. It is important to choose the best option for a particular house, avoiding overpayments and poor quality goods.

When choosing them, it should be borne in mind that each of them reacts to a separate type of danger indicated in the name of the device. For example, it is effective to install a heat sensor in a sauna, and a smoke sensor in smoking areas. It is important to choose the right installation areas for security devices.

Use non-flammable impregnation

Starting to build your own house, initially choose non-combustible materials. But not everything can be foreseen in advance. For example, a house can be built not from non-combustible bricks, but from a tree popular in our country.

In this case, it is worth using special impregnations. They cannot completely protect the wood from fire, but they allow them to gain time until the moment of ignition, making it possible to prevent a disaster. Periodically, such impregnations must be updated.

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