A list of best tools and extensions you must have


While access to the internet has increased drastically, engineers are constantly working to improve the experience of the users. You can now find a variety of tools and extensions that are designed and developed to assist with a variety of your regular tasks related to your studies or work and increase your productivity as well.

These tools and extensions are gaining popularity among users of various age groups as they have successfully simplified their day-to-day tasks, and users can not save a significant amount of time and effort with the help of these tools and extensions. We have listed down some of the best tools and extensions you must have for an easier life:

Tools for editing

Checking your documents word by word and finding errors can be a time taking task and inefficient as well. However, there is some software designed to screen your documents and find our errors with suggestions. Moreover, these tools allow the users to edit PDF files without any lengthy procedure. The best part about these tools is their accessibility. Users can easily access these tools online without downloading them.

Another major advantage of these tools is they support most of the formats through various platforms, which ultimately increases their relevance.


Not all applications and sites allow multiple users to work on the same platform at the same time. While this access can be a great benefit to a user in a variety of ways, it is not available. However, thanks to the collaboration tools that allow different users to work together on one platform.

Users can save a significant amount of time generally wasted on forwarding files and messages still failing to communicate properly. Working teams and classroom groups can work together with these collaborators and ensure the completion of their work in the most accurate manner.

Ad restrictors

Ads can be literally frustrating when we are trying to do something important. All the useless notifications on various websites we visit can waste a significant amount of our time. What if we tell you about a tool that can block these ads on your device? Yes, you heard that right! There are ad restrictors that solely work to save your device from ad pop-ups. And not just ads; you can also save your device from bugs and viruses with the help of these ad restrictors.


Maintaining a good balance between your personal and professional life is not an easy thing to do. A clash of schedules can lead to unnecessary stress in your life. However, there are tools that help you make your plans in a balanced manner, and you can keep a good track of events in your life without missing out on anything.


You must be aware of the different types of formats being used in different industries. However, converting a file from one format to another format was not easy before the converter. One of the most used tools is the PDF to Word converter, which allows you to convert PDFs so that you can make required edits to them.


In a nutshell, the right tools and extensions can solve some major issues you face in your day-to-day life. With the above-mentioned tools, you can ensure enhanced productivity with almost no investment.

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