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AZ Movies is a popular movie streaming website that features various movies without the owner’s permission. You can also download the movies to watch offline and it is completely illegal, but it hasn’t been charged yet. In order to keep from being caught, the website uses multiple domains. Users can stream and download content at their own discretion. There’s no need to register to watch these movies. There are no ads and the site is mobile friendly.

It is safe to use. The website design is very easy to navigate. All the movies are listed in one single media player. When you want to change the host of a movie, you can use the dropdown menu. Most other free streaming sites require you to switch between their inventory or click through to other websites. The user interface is clean and convenient. You can even search for the movie title by the director or actor’s name. Despite its simple design, AZ movies is a convenient option for movie lovers.

Unlike Netflix, AZ movies is not a pirated site. Besides, you can stream movies from various sites. You can watch the latest releases from Hollywood and other sources. This platform also features several extensions for ease of use. You can access the movies of your choice by browsing a list of the latest releases from the site. You don’t have to click through other websites to view them. The interface of AZmovies is convenient.

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