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Chinabased is an amazing website that is available for anyone to download movies, music, tv shows, and much more. This site is free to use and offers many features that are helpful in the process. One of the things that it can do is help you avoid piracy. Another great thing about itorrentzmovie is that it lets you easily download files with a click of a button. In addition, it is very secure, so you don’t need to worry about unauthorized users.


Torrentz2 movie download is one of the popular sites to watch HD movies online. If you are looking to see some of the latest Hollywood or Bollywood movies then you should try Torrentz2. You can find many new releases on the site.

Torrentz2 is a website that allows you to download films in different languages. It has a huge team that is always working to find the most recent content. Besides movies, Torrentz2 also offers free streaming of web series.

Using a proxy server is a good way to download films from Torrentz2. The ad-free version of Torrentz2 has more than 20 million visitors per month. But before downloading anything from Torrentz2, you need to make sure that it is legal in your country.

Using an ad blocker is the most convenient way to use Torrentz2. By installing an ad blocking software, you can obstruct unwanted ads and popups from loading on your browser.


IsoHunt is a popular file-sharing website. It was founded by Gary Fung, a Canadian. The site offered users a way to download copyrighted music and movies, and encourage users to share those movies with others.

After being sued by several Hollywood studios, IsoHunt agreed to shut down. It will pay $110 million to settle the suit, but the company’s owner will have to settle for $2 million to $4 million.

In March, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed a district court ruling against IsoHunt. Judge Stephen Wilson found that the defendants’ intent to incite infringement was overwhelming.

During the trial, the plaintiffs argued that isoHunt encouraged users to illegally distribute MPAA member movies over a peer-to-peer network. But the court ruled against isoHunt’s claim that its service was just indexing.

The court also rejected Fung’s argument that he was a “safe harbor” for his business. This was a term used by the Copyright Act to define companies that can’t be liable for copyrighted material if the infringement isn’t their fault.


EZTV is a torrent movie download site. It was founded in 2005. Unlike many other sites, EZTV does not require any registration or payment. In fact, you can download a whole season of a TV show without any hassle.

While there are some limitations to EZTV, it’s a good resource for finding the latest and greatest torrents. If you’re not keen on downloading movies, you can also download other types of files. The site has a large collection of torrent files, including anime-themed material. You can also filter the torrents by the quality of the video.

The site is a little less slick than other sites, but you can still use it for torrenting. EZTV has a large database, which is updated by sysops. However, the site is also subject to hacking, downtime, and other forms of trouble.

EZTV has an interesting story. Initially, it was a non-profit organization run by volunteers. After a number of downfalls, EZTV finally became stable enough to survive.


KickassTorrents (KAT) is an itorrentzmovie website that was a popular destination for people looking to download movies, software and music for free. The site was founded in 2008 and quickly became one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet.

However, this popular file sharing website was recently taken down by US authorities. According to investigators, the site was run by a 30-year-old Ukrainian man named Artem Vaulin.

A criminal complaint filed against Vaulin alleges that he operated KAT in violation of copyright laws. In addition, Vaulin has been charged with money laundering, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, and four other charges.

Vaulin has denied the allegations and claims that he was unaware of any wrongdoing. But the lawsuit, filed by the U.S. Department of Justice, accuses him of running a “predatory piracy operation” and conspiring to infringe the copyright of hundreds of thousands of film and music artists.


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