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Determining Liability in a Car Accident Case in Tacoma

The number of vehicles involved in the collision, their types, and the road’s and the environment’s conditions are only a few of the variables that affect how serious an auto accident will be. Whether your accident was a simple fender-bender or severe that left you with serious injuries, a skilled Tacoma car accident attorney can assist you with your case. Visit this page to learn more about your next steps. 

Who is liable?

Who was accountable for the event? Before resolving a claim, insurance companies always ask this question. If there is shared culpability or liability is not evident, the insurer will determine the respective applicable percentages of fault when making a settlement offer.

The person whose negligence or conduct resulted in the accident is the one who is at fault. In the state of Washington, the party who caused the harm or damage is typically held liable or financially accountable. 

At-Fault Auto Insurance

Washington uses a “fault” system to establish who is at fault in a car accident. Anyone injured or whose property was damaged must receive compensation from the party who was legally responsible for the accident (and their insurance). 

In Washington, all drivers are required to carry coverage with at least $10,000 in damage to or destruction of other people’s property in any single accident, $25,000 in harm to one person in any single accident, and $50,000 in injury to any two individuals in any single accident.

Moreover, any damages above what the insurance will pay for must be recovered directly from the at-fault motorist.

What would happen if you were partially responsible?

Fortunately, Washington state has a comparative fault law. This enables you to receive a portion of your damages as compensation. If you hire an attorney, they will walk you through the nuances of comparative fault and how it can relate to your case during a free case review.

In essence, this means that if you were found to be 50% at fault for an accident, the damages that were granted to you would simply be cut to 50%.

Final thoughts: 

Whatever transpired in your auto accident, a lawyer has probably seen it before in the course of their legal career. So, if you need help, do not hesitate to contact an attorney.  

Get in touch with a local car accident lawyer who can safeguard your claims, prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you, and assist you in pursuing financial compensation for your damages.

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