Essential Aspects to Consider When Buying a Car


We all love our cars and when the time comes for a change, there is much to consider; some would say it is an exciting time and who are we to disagree? One should not let one’s heart rule one’s head when looking to buy a set of wheels, and with that in mind, here are a few important aspects to take into account when buying a car.

  • Consider resale value – If you buy a brand new car, you can expect to lose 10-15% as you drive it off the garage forecourt; the smart way is to acquire a 1-2 year old car, which will hold most of its value if looked after and resold within 2-3 years. Of course, it all depends on how long you plan to keep the vehicle.
  • Practicality – The car you buy should be suitable for purpose; you might have your heart set on a 2-seater sports car but if you are a family man, this wouldn’t be a practical choice. It isn’t a good idea to buy a gas guzzler if you are on a low income and maybe you should consider an EV.
  • Budget – There’s no point in buying a car you can’t afford; decide on a suitable make, model and year and search Cars4Us to see the best deals. Sit down with a calculator and work out a monthly budget that you can comfortably afford and don’t exceed that figure.
  • Maintenance – Some cars are very expensive to run and parts can be costly; make sure that you have the means to service the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. When looking at used cars, always check that there is a full service history, as this demonstrates that the vehicle has been well cared for.
  • Performance or economy – You need to decide which is more important and draw a line somewhere; we would all love a V8 500 BHP car, but being realistic, your fuel bill would be astronomical; sacrifice some performance and keep your outgoings from being too high.
  • Warranty – Buying a used car from a private seller usually means ‘sold as seen’, whereas buying from a dealer gives you some form of warranty. It has been known for the buyer to end up with a blown engine after only a few days of ownership, so bear that in mind.

It is an exciting time when you are ready to upgrade your wheels and we hope the above information helps you make the right choice.

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