Exploring Different Types Of Diamond Pendants


Diamond is the love of many women; they absolutely adore this jewelry set as it adds feminine charm to their personalities. It is a statement that everyone loves and wants to add to their outfit. However, when it comes to different types of diamond styles, many options are available on the market, such as diamond pendant necklaces.

Diamond pendants are available in a number of basic designs with distinctly diverse shapes and materials. To ensure that the right necklace is chosen, one should consider the various styles of diamond pendants before making a purchase. Both the wearer’s personal preferences and the overall look they are aiming for might play a role.

Types Of Diamond Pendants

When choosing a diamond pendant, many factors come into play, like the right jeweler, design, and price. Here we will look at the different types of diamonds and pendants available on the market:

1. Lab-Grown Diamond Pendants

Do you want to go for diamonds that have less strain and more structure to them? Lab-grown diamond pendants are your savior. There is a large collection of styles and designs available that will absolutely charm everyone.

Lab-grown diamonds are also better than mined diamonds, as they are less expensive and you can purchase them in any size and style. You can combine this diamond set with any gown or shimmery outfit and let the beauty speak for itself.

2. Diamond Solitaire Pendant

If the words subtle, elegant, and stylish sound enticing to you, then this design is certainly one to take into account. A solitaire pendant is a beautiful piece with just one diamond, to be precise. This design is the most favored pendant option among ladies because of its adaptability and understated beauty.

Due to their size, diamond solitaire pendants can easily become lost in an outfit. Combining the pendant with two chains that are just a little longer will help you to prevent this. Although the layering won’t dominate the solitaire pendant, it will draw attention to the neckline.

3. Diamond Halo Pendant

The diamond halo pendant, associated with luxury, is unquestionably noteworthy. It has a sizable center stone surrounded by one or even more rows of diamonds where the metal is not visible. A beautiful halo is created around the main stone by putting them close together.

The end result is charming jewelry that may add a touch of royal elegance to any ensemble. Combine this necklace with a delicate set of diamond stud earrings to prevent a cluttered appearance.

4. Diamond Cross Pendant

The cross pendant, once reserved for Christians, is now a well-liked fashion item worldwide. No other style can match its exquisite pattern’s ability to make a statement. The presence of brilliant diamonds, which give this pendant a sense of luxury, enhances its appearance.

When wearing this pendant, wear it with an open-collared blouse for an attention-grabbing style. In this way, you can highlight your collarbones and the diamond necklace as well.

5. Diamond Infinity Pendant

This unique pendant type is a horizontal 8 adorned with shimmering diamonds, which combines elegance and purpose. It frequently represents unending love and serves as a metaphor for eternal life. Therefore, an infinity diamond necklace will make a wonderful present for you or someone special.

Patterned apparel can overpower the brilliance of this pendant’s design. Instead, we advise choosing attire in solid colors to prevent this.

6. Three-Stone Diamond Pendant

The three-stone diamond pendant, with two gems along both sides of the central stone, is popular. It reflects the past, present, and future of a relationship, making it an excellent pick for your partner; however, it may be worn by anybody.

Together, the design’s symbolism and aesthetic appeal produce a work that thoroughly deserves notice. There is no denying the beauty of this particular pendant design. However, if you want to make a statement, we advise choosing a piece that is adorned with blue or black gems.

7. Symmetrical Diamond Pendant

In this dainty necklace, diamonds are arranged in a symmetrical pattern along a fine chain. They have a simple yet attractive style that reeks of poise. It is also known as a tennis diamond necklace and is currently a popular style. It was named after a famous tennis player, Chris Evert.

They go well with both formal and casual tops. They might be short to fit snugly around the neck or longer to lengthen the appearance. They look fantastic layered with other items because of their straightforward design.

8. Clustered Diamond Pendant

This lab-grown diamond pendant is one of the more intricate designs. A diamond cluster pendant is made up of an array of diamonds. The arrangement of the diamonds is endless and can include little, huge, or different-sized gems.

They are frequently put next to one another as a representation of the intimacy that exists between soulmates. Most of the time, it is the perfect gift for your lover. You can wear it with any glitzy attire because it will complement the pendant’s style.

Choosing The Right Jeweler And Price Range:

As we have discussed the designs of pendants that are available on the market, it is important to know some of the basics regarding price. All of these things should be decided beforehand to save time and money.

  • Your price depends on whether you choose a mined or lab grown pendant. Lab grown diamonds are 50% less expensive.
  • If the jeweler prepares the diamond using brick or mortar, it will cost more.
  • It is better to inquire about the metal they will choose for your necklace. If it is platinum, it will be more expensive. On the other hand, many people opt for gold as it is of high quality and less expensive than platinum.
  • The price will typically increase when the necklace has additional pendants.
  • The color, cut designs, and clarity is one of the many factors that will decide the price of your diamond. It is a good practice to go for an experienced jeweler so that you will end up with a perfect design.

Final Words

There are numerous options out there, and we have discussed what makes each diamond pendant unique. It is crucial that you select the option that best suits your taste and the appearance you want to achieve.

When making a decision for yourself or your partner, it is preferable to research the market to see what makes the best pick.

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