Factors To Consider While Choosing the Right Pallet Inverters 


Pallet inverters are essential for loading and unloading heavy pallets. They are great for moving goods across the warehouse or factories or while handling shipping projects. The pallet tippers help to enhance material handling workflows and reduce workplace injuries associated with lifting heavy materials.

The pallet inverters fall into three categories.

  • Manual – The manual pallet inverters need the operators to flip the pallet manually. The task is time-consuming and tedious for the operators. However, its benefits are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and less costly.
  • Semi-automatic – Semi-automatic is equipped with a mechanism that flips the pallet. Nevertheless, the operator needs assistance in the process. The benefit is that this kind of flipper is fast and needs less manual assistance, but is more costly than manual pallet inverters.
  • Automatic – All the process is totally automated. There is no need for operator assistance. It is the fastest and most expensive model than its manual and semi-automatic counterparts.

Top Industries offer all the categories of pallet inverters. You can consult experienced professionals for free. They can even suggest you the best pallet inverter model that suits your needs and budget.

Pallet inverters can handle tasks like –

  • Pallet transfers
  • Pallet flipping
  • Handling materials
  • Goods transporting around factory or warehouse
  • Swapping broken pallets
  • Tilting or rotating

Pallet inverters are a great asset investment and so you need to consider many things to choose a perfect model for your business. Here are some factors to consider that can help you make an educated choice decision.

Factors to consider for choosing ideal pallet inverters

Load size

For the same pallet load size, you can consider the regular model, and if the load size differs then consider the double large clamps model. To find out the size your product needs to accommodate consider the largest pallet load used and add around 5 inches to allow the pallet to transfer and tilt with ease.

Product kind

The company may need pallet inverters for moving or tilting fragile products that need careful handling or heavy items that need force. Choose a machine with an appropriate clamp pressure range.

Usage frequency

For a major manufacturer and distributor the speed of rotating matters. It has to be fast enough to handle the demands of your workflow. For enhancing large business efficiency, you can choose a heavy-duty machine that tilts the products at 180° in not more than 17 sec. Small business owners can choose the low-duty model.

How to load?

If you have a lot of loading then choose pallet inverters integrated with a forklift. For small loads or areas, the models without forklifts are easy to maneuver with an inbuilt pallet jack.


If you have no restrictions on a budget then an automatic pallet tilter is the best as it does not need operator assistance and is quicker than other options. Small businesses can opt for manual pallet inverters if they are tight on budget or don’t need speed. The decision steps down to personal preferences and specific needs.

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