Flimade | Flimade Com – An Illegal Website Banned by the Government


The website Flimade is banned by the government for promoting pirated movies. The site offers free downloads of latest movies and new releases in a variety of languages and file sizes. You can choose the quality of the files, which includes high definition and lower-quality versions. The government has banned this website, which is still running under different domain names and proxy links. In spite of its ban from the Google, Flimade is continuing to operate under a different name and a new subdomain each month.

The government is trying to prevent piracy by banning Flimade and its users. The website is popular among netizens and continues to gain popularity. The website has many different versions of the movies that people are interested in. The website is a popular destination for pirated films and videos. Fortunately, the government is working to address the problem.

If you’re interested in accessing the torrents from Flimade, then you’ll need a Proxida account. This link is an alternative to downloading the content. It redirects you to the working version of Flimade. You can also unblock your IP address from the government’s block list. The site has been running smoothly for years and continues to grow in popularity.

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