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Home Office Inspiration: Work From Home In Your Bangkok Condo

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been looking for alternative ways to earn. With so much opportunity to earn online, many people are opting to work from home. There are many benefits that go with this lifestyle, however, in order to truly succeed when working in your own space, you need to create a home office that inspires hard work – after all, it’s so easy to get distracted – particularly when you are your own boss. In this article, we’re going to share some home office inspiration for your Bangkok condo.

1. Take a good look at your available space and plan wisely

You don’t want to sit on your sofa all day – it’s not a healthy way to work. Which means that you need to find a suitable space in your condo to set up an office. Whether you have a spare bedroom or not, it’s possible to carve out a decent enough space. Choose wisely.

2. Think carefully about what you need

Think about what you need to work optimally and then build from there. Ideally, you should have a desk, office chair, and some shelves for storage. If you need to be by a window, think about how you can re-optimise your space to accommodate that.

3. Section off your space

Again, if you don’t have a spare bedroom to convert, don’t panic. Section off part of a larger room using curtains, a screen, magnetic screen doors, or some MDF boards with stylish wallpaper.

4.  Make your workspace inspiring

De-clutter your space and decorate it with a few choice items that inspire you. If there are certain things that you are aspiring to (e.g., your dream home or car), then pin them on the wall next to you. Add some vibrant artwork that inspires creative thought. There’s a lot that you can do to create a healthy working environment.

5.  Consider working outside

If you are staying somewhere with a nice balcony and a beautiful view, such as Rama 9 condos, for example, then you may wish to consider building a set up for your balcony. Having fresh air and being closer to nature can work wonders for your productivity.

6. Inject plenty of green

You can’t go wrong with adding houseplants to your workspace. Not only do they oxygenate your environment, but they are effective mood boosters as well!

7.  Choose your colours wisely

Read up on colour psychology before you settle on a colour scheme for your home office. For example: strong blues promote clear thinking, with softer blues calming the mind.

8.  An abundance of lighting

A well-lit room is an essentiality for feeling awake and ready to work. Poor lighting can make you feel slugging and negatively impact your productivity. Ideally, aim for an abundance of natural light. However, if you can’t position yourself next to a window, use LED lights with a natural colour temperature.

9.  Don’t write off the kitchen

As kitchens tend to be more open plan with plenty of storage, getting set up on a kitchen island to work isn’t the worst idea.

10.  Invest in a stand-up adjustable desk

Ergonomics is an important consideration when optimising your home office. Not only should you have a quality chair with ample lumbar support, but an adjustable desk that allows you to work standing up now and again can really help with blood circulation and posture.

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