How can I get my floor really clean?


An electronic floor mop is a cleaning solution in a modern retail space or warehouse; it is a machine that can save you a lot as it is designed For cleaning large surfaces; floor mops are ideal for removing Dirt and grease, saving time and money. The force that comes from cleaning the floor by hand. Many companies are producing floor scrubbers for the best use of your home. You can easily clean your floor by using it. Many e-commerce companies are focused on a high quality products. LumBuy is one of the renowned e-commerce companies. You can easily order an electronic mop from They will give you the best service you want.

Floor mops perform three main functions at once.

  • Put the cleaner on the cleaning brush or pad. It could be water or water mixed with floor cleaner.
  • Use tools like brushes or pads to clean and mop the floor.
  • There is a system to use a squeegee and vacuum cleaner to collect dirty water after cleaning.

Advantages of using a floor scrubber

Cleaning speed

Cleaning the floor with a machine The electric floor mop is faster. Approximately 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet of cleaning time with a mop. It can clean about 20,000 square feet in one hour. And with the larger scrubber, more than 50,000 square feet of space can be cleaned in an hour.

Uses less water.

The second advantage is floor mops use less water than you use to mop the floor. The Environment only but also makes use of water and washing powder effectively bleached when cleaning the floor.

The floor is cleaner.

The third advantage is that The electric floor will give the Cleaning effect and rubbing area better hygiene because while you mop the floor, Dirt will scatter around, but floor scrubbers do not. Do not allow the floor surface to dry out. D and much cleaner

What are the key features of the floor scrubber?

cleaning path

The first is the size or line. The cleaning method of the mop is, in other words, a brush or flattener. No matter how big your lieutenant is Can be used with floor scrubbers and can only be cleaned.

power source

The power source is the second feature of the electric mop. The power source is the battery. A battery-powered floor scrubber helps you use it more diverse in terms of the distance and where you can go, But there is one limitation that should be considered. Consider when using a floor scrubber. Battery life is the amount of time you can use before it needs to be recharged. Typical battery life is 2 hours to four hours.

machine operation

The third key feature is mechanical movement. This type of machine has the floor. The basis is a control which requires human power in driving the machine to the front and speed control of movement at a certain level. Then it will be the duty of the machine. Machines with a system to help move

machine size

The fourth feature is The size of the water tank on the machine. This is important because the size of the tank will determine the amount of water cleaning agents and the amount of waste (garbage collection), which will determine whether you can clean the floor, covering how much money.

brush pattern

And finally, the form of the brush that you want to consider There are generally two types of brushes used with floor scrubbers, one is a cylindrical brush that runs perpendicular to the floor, and the other is a circular brush that runs vertically. Flat on the floor.

What types of floors can the scrubber clean?

General principles for using The automatic floor scrubber are Anywhere you can use wood, Able to sweep and mop. You can use a floor scrubber so that you can use a floor scrubber. It can be applied to surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo, concrete, stone and tile.

How much does a floor scrubber cost?

Several factors affect costs. The first is the size and capacity. of the treasures that can be obtained from the automatic ground presses to do things like force control or speed control.

The second is the brand. There are many brands for you to choose from. Which famous brands for cleaning machines.

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