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How do you name a business

The choice of a business name is the initial step in the process of building a brand. The name decides how customers will feel to the company and its products and services it offers. So, the name should be taken seriously.

In order to come up with the proper name for your company You will need examine the target market examine competitors, and be aware of the legal aspects.

An excellent name

  • The essence of the business whether it is its product or service;
  • easy to understand for the audience
  • stands out from competitors.
  • It is easy to write and easy to read and write.

A company with a unique name is easier to locate the right domain and to be able to register the trademark.

Why is a company required to have an identity?

The name of the company is a key element of branding. A name that is well-chosen is simple to read, easy to memorize, and, most important, it creates the correct associations with the brand’s public. To create the perfect image of the business in the mind of the people who read it the name of the brand must be replicated across different channels:

  • on the site;
  • on social networks
  • on banners for advertising;
  • The domain’s name is the in the name of the domain.

If you are choosing the name for the company you want to establish, make sure you look for free domains for the same name. In the event that the domain name for the brand as well as your website’s address are identical, it will be simpler for customers to remember and locate your business.

Methods of coming up with a brand name


Finding a suitable company name isn’t an easy feat. This is why that it is crucial to look into the primary methods to create a business name. This will make life easier for your life. What are the best ways to find a suitable company name are there?

  1. Use the same keywords to describe your company and make the neologisms

The name Adidas came into existence. The person who founded the brand, Adolf (just Adi to his associates) Dassler, assembled it from the first syllables in his initial and last names: Adi>> + Das>>.

2. Find puns to make up

Its name for the messaging app WhatsApp is a combination of the phrase ‘What’s up>> , and the word”application.

3. Take into account the associations

“The name given to the streetwear label”Youth” has multiple meanings. First, it’s an indication of the target market – clothing specifically designed for young people. The word ‘youth’>> in the minds of the modern-day person is deeply connected to the past. the past. The brand is merely reinterpreting the classic sportswear silhouettes of the 1980s in its collections.

4. Utilize expressions

For instance, the title of the restaurant Good Hands>> refers to the skills of the chefs and implies that the food served to guests is safe with the chef. However, keep in mind that the wording can be used to add meaning to a name for a company.

5. Create original words in accordance with the consonance principle

For instance, you could make use of repetition, as did the people who created the brand name LavkaLavka>>. You can also rhyme short words, such as the name Tic-Tac.

6. Turn your name into a brand

“The title Rolls-Royce is composed of the names of the founding fathers Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

7. Make use of cultural references

It is believed that the Starbucks coffee chain was named for an individual character from the novel by Moby Dick – Starbuck the Kirghiz, Ahava’s assistant Captain. The official initial name for the firm was Starbuckyrgyz initially, but later it was changed to Starbucks.

8. Utilize a word which is not often used in names, yet communicates the values of the business effectively.

For instance, the Content marketing agency Make it>>, or the event studio By this means>>.

The best way to select a company name

After you’ve chosen the best way to create the name of your company It is important to know the fundamental guidelines for selecting names. Each suggestion is highly beneficial and is important to remember. Let’s review the top tips.

Make the name brief and concise

Simple, concise names are more easily remembered than lengthy ones and are also easy to illustrate them visually. A name with a few words could be a good reflection of the nature of the brand however, designers may struggle to fit long phrases into the style of the logo or packaging.

Sounds good in different languages

If you’re looking to expand your business overseas, be sure to be sure to look for unwelcome associations names in countries that you’re looking at.

It happened, for instance in the case of French brand of grooming products for men called Axe. Axe is a translation of axe>> English. The suggestion of taking good care of your body with an axe is suspicious, therefore in the English-speaking world, Axe perfume is sold under the name consonant Lynx. Latin is translated as”lynx>>.


To build the correct image for the brand, and to safeguard your product from being smuggled out, it is essential to register your name as trademark. When doing this it is crucial to select a name that is unique in its field of products and services. Names in different classes can overlap.

No mix-ups with competitors

Examine your competitors and ensure that your brand’s name isn’t in conflict with other brands. This could affect your position and image on the market prospective customers could be confused with your competitors. If the names are identical it is possible for the proprietor of the trademark that has the identical name may take legal action against you.


A name that is good is one that takes care of its customers It’s easy to read, pleasing to listen to, and simple to pronounce. It creates a positive impression and is not misleading. It is also a source of information on the business – whether it’s about its products or services, or about values.

The more unique your name is, the higher chance that it is not registered as trademark. This means that there’s less likelihood of a lawsuit from the rights owner. It is not recommended to attempt to be funny. These names are frequently misunderstood. They won’t attract new customers nor will they make them buy your product or services.

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