How Sleep is Important for College Students?


Sleep is a thing in human life that is not only important for college students but necessary for every existing being. However, in this regard for college students sleep plays a vital role. Generally, the aspiration of students regarding their careers, and their dreams emerge in this phase. However improper sleep can certainly turn those dreams into nightmares, and because of the physical as well as emotional problems that students can face due to improper sleep

Hence sleep is of great importance in the life of college students. Studies have showcased that college students often face sleep deprivation, and there are various causes behind it. Also, remedies are there for it as well, which we will discuss in this article in detail.

What are the causes for college students losing sleep?

In today’s world, it is seen that sleep deprivation is a major problem, especially among college students. Some of the common causes behind these are –

Inadequate Sleep Hygiene

In order to sleep well, students must have proper sleep hygiene. However, an inadequate amount of it will certainly lead to improper sleep. Sleep hygiene generally includes timely sleep, a good sleeping environment, and the consumption of materials like caffeine, alcohol are likely to make a negative impact.


One of the prime reasons behind college students not getting proper sleep is technology. Students these days have engaged themselves in a lot of social media, spending a significant amount of time there. Also, many of them spend time playing video games, and the use of technology is highly causing sleep deprivation.

Alcohol, Caffeine, and Energy Drinks

Alcohol does help in sleep many times, but in maximum cases, the use of alcohol causes obstructive sleep apnea or even a sleep disorder. On the other hand, the use of caffeine is also among the major reasons for losing sleep. Research has found that maximum college students like to have coffee in their free time. Caffeine being one of the major ingredients in coffee and energy drinks makes it difficult for students to sleep. The effects of caffeine last for seven hours.

What are the symptoms of Sleep Deprivation?

Suppose you’re going through a course selling website, but at the same time, you’re seeing some changes in your health. Here are the following symptoms which you can take into account symptoms of sleep deprivation.

  • Too many mood swings
  • Memory issues affecting your learning
  • Trouble in Concentrating
  • Immune System is weakened
  • Weight Gain and Increased Hunger
  • Increasing high blood pressure and heart problems

In some cases, it is also seen that college students who don’t get an adequate amount of sleep every day, develop high chances of catching diabetes.


If you feel these symptoms are getting related to you, here are the following solutions you need to apply.

  • Keep Electronic Gadgets away – The first thing you should do to get some quality sleep is to get rid of electronic gadgets. Try to give lesser time to video games, and stay away from mobile phones and social media, unless you’re reading something from any online course builder.
  • Stay Away from Caffeine – As said in the causes section that caffeine is one of the major causes behind college students not getting adequate sleep. Though you do not have to stay permanently away from coffee, energy drinks, or other stimulants, try them at least six hours before your bedtime, and not after that.
  • Don’t Exercise before bedtime – College students are fond of doing workouts and some of them do it regularly, being fitness freaks. But try not to do any exercise before your bedtime, as it may snatch away your sleep. Workouts will only get you to feel more energetic, and it might take a long time for the sleep to come.
  • Strictly follow a bedtime schedule – If you strictly follow a bedtime schedule it will be for your good only. Following a bedtime schedule will help you to go to bed every day at a particular time, and the habit of waking up late till night won’t be there, which most of the students of this generation have.
  • Use Earplugs and Eye Cover – Using earplugs and eve cover will get you a night of quality sleep. If your skin isn’t too sensitive or gets irritated by small touches of things like these, you can easily use earplugs and an eye cover will get you devoid of any noise and light that works as a major distraction while sleeping.

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