How to choose air conditioner and plumbing work for building a one-story house


Fixing switch mask and plug mask for plasterboard wall 12 mm. The house builder will use screws. Drywall to fix the steel strips to the wall first.. and then install the mask on the power plug with Drywall screws, causing time to pull the plug. The mask will not fall off the wall. damage the wall

Fasten the switch mask. and power socket For fiber cement board walls, thickness 8 mm. can use Drywall screws to mount directly without seals. because the wall is strong enough

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  1. Sharp-tipped drywall screws for fixing low-water items directly to the wall without a bracket.
  2. Screw at the end of the drill for fixing objects that weigh very little – very much. Into the wall, there is a steel frame to support
  3. Butterfly cleats for hanging heavy objects. directly into the wall without a frame

Fixing objects to a gypsum wall/fiber cement wall

Hanging work for air conditioners 18000 BTU and large TVs 50 inches or more should be reinforced horizontally. according to the position to be installed before, will make hanging work easier. By using the screw at the end of the drill to shoot it into the steel frame immediately

     ***In the case that the steel frame is not reinforced, use a butterfly wing cleat with a steel umbrella…

The work of fixing the finished hot coil hanger to the steel frame by using screws, block heads, drill ends, threaded throughout, 1 inch long.

Selection of air conditioner size for Steel frame house with fiber cement wall

because the steel frame knock-down house is a small house building job. have a chance of being exposed to sunlight The roof and two walls allow a lot of heat to enter the building. The author had the opportunity to try living. By installing air conditioning.. It appears that air conditioners with more BTU size are required..

summer case at very high outside temperatures Normal calculated air conditioner I can’t fight the heat.. Except there are big trees and other materials to help cover the building. or insulated Combined with heat..

Formula 1 sq.m. per 1000 BTU

air conditioner size Must be suitable for the room size as follows

3×3 m. or 9 sq.m. 9000 BTU

3×4 m. or 12 sq.m. 12000 BTU

4×4 m. or 16 sq m. 15000 BTU

3×6 m. or 18 sq m. 18000 BTU

4×6 m. or 24 sq.m. 24000 BTU

**In the case of the room with a bathroom partition Consider the room size including the bathroom size, for example, size 3×6 meters, total area 18 sq.m., bathroom partition within 1.7×1.7 meters, consider the area including bathroom as well.

Plumbing work

2.1 Selection of PVC plumbing pipes and their use according to their quality

  • Class 5 is a thin grade pipe for drainage, sewer pipes, toilet pipes, and rainwater drainage pipes with low pressure.
  • Class 8.5 is a pipe of medium thickness. For the type of water pipes, plumbing installations Water pumps with not very high pressure in general 1-2 storey houses
  • Floor 13.5 is a thick grade pipe for high-pressure work, high-rise buildings or pipe work that installs high-pressure water pumps such as hotels, resorts, apartment, dormitories.

There are 2 layers of PVC pipe joint work. The quality is

  • Floor 8.5 for use with plumbing pipes, Floor 5
  • Floor 13.5 for use with plumbing pipes, Floor 8.5

The emphasis should be on PVC pipes and joints that have passed TIS 17-2532 standards.

2.2 Selection of plumbing materials

  • PVC pipe binder (clear type) suitable for pipe work with pressure not more than 4 bar, type houses and general 1-2-storey buildings.
  • PVC pipe bonding agent. (Concentrated type) suitable for high-pressure work, can receive pressure up to 16 bar, high-rise buildings, hotels, apartments, dormitories

The emphasis should be on choosing the pipe binder. Passed the TIS 1032-2534 standard: Liquid bonding agent for rigid PVC pipes and rigid PVC pipe joints.

Selection of plumbing materials

Wall mounted couplings should use brass threaded fittings only. because there will be a problem with damaged threads having to dismantle the outer cladding wall, wasting both time and labor

The choice of duct tape should be chosen. Reputable brands such as Thai water pipes, elephant seals, tiger seals, etc. Non-standard materials cause frequent leakage.

Should choose pvc valves used in residential applications which will accept More pressure than pvc valves used in agriculture

  • pvc valve, price 10-12 baht, a lot of problems occur.
  • Should use a good type. Price is 25-35 baht only.

plumbing installation in the gap in the wall frame

before firing exterior walls and laying ceramic tiles inside

Caution: Lock the pipes should be installed tightly to prevent the pipe from moving when receiving pressure, the pipe should be connected and glued with caution. Because when we install the external wall, it will be more difficult to fix.

Bathroom floor drilling work for pipe laying Before applying flexible cement waterproofing

Drill the floor size 2 inches with Hole Saw, drill steel. In case of drilling the floor 4 inches, use a piglet with a 4 inch steel cutting blade. If you would like to know more about home builders check out Carlisle Homes.

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