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How To Clean Your Cat’s Ears?

When it comes to grooming cats, even if they do a fantastic job, one area in particular can’t be cleaned by them, and it is their ears. So if you lend your cat a helping hand, you need to know how to clean ears properly. Also, cleaning cat’s ears help pet owners identify health problems.

Supplies that you need to clean a cat’s ear.

You don’t need too many things to clean a cat’s ear. All you need should be within your arms’ reach once you start with the process. Below mentioned are three essential things that you need to clean your cat’s ears.

  • Towel or blanket to wrap around your cat, to make your cat comfortable
  • Cleaning fluid explicitly formulated for cleaning cat ears
  • Cotton gauze pads

Before you buy a cleaning fluid, always talk to your veterinarian. Cat’s ears are sensitive and delicate, so avoid using astringents like vinegar, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. Always take expert advice.

Specific steps to follow for cleaning your pet cat’s ears:

  • If your cat is a cuddler, then this process will be relatively more manageable, but if your cat is not a cuddler, then this is where the towel comes in handy. Wrap your cat with a towel or blanket and hold your cat close to yourself, like you will hold a human baby. If you have another person around you who can hold the cat in position, that will simplify the process a little bit more.
  • If your cat is yelling or not cooperating with the cleaning process, then talk to your cat with a soothing, calm voice. Keep using the same calm, soft voice throughout the cleaning process and do the same thing when cleaning your cat’s ear again. Slowly your pet cat will see the process as a positive experience.
  • Use one hand to fold the flap of your cat’s ear and hold the cleaning fluid bottle in the other hand. Keep the cleaning fluid bottle near to your cat’s ear, but don’t put the bottle tip directly into your cat’s ear: place two, three gentle drops in your cat’s ear and slowly massage. While cleaning the ear, make sure you clean the outside of the ear, especially the base.
  • When you put a few drops in your cat’s ear, your cat is going to shake, and a few drops can splash back on their fur coat, but there is nothing to worry about. Some splashes here and there will not harm your cat.

You might feel scared about cleaning your cat’s ear for the very first time. That’s why you must talk to your vet thoroughly about the process. Many vets recommend cleaning the cat’s ears once a week. If you find anything unusual, make sure you reach out to your vet.

Cleaning a cat’s ear is an essential part of your pet cat’s health and hygiene, and, if you notice something unusual, you might need medical assistance. However, medical aid for a more extended period is expensive. Therefore, it is always best to have the best pet insurance to have a proper financial backup.

Even if something unusual doesn’t come up on a regular checkup, it is still good to have the best pet insurance for your cat. Any pet is just like humans, and they can fall sick or get drastically injured because of an accident; in these unfortunate situations, pet insurance can help out.

If you have made it so far reading this article, one thing is for sure – you are a responsible pet parent, and you are interested in seeking the proper knowledge and helping your pet. Having pet insurance assures safety and peace of mind, so make sure you check to get your pet insured soon. Getting pet insurance is very easy in the 21st century. You can quickly get a pet insurance quote online and choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.

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