How To Make A Cheap And Easy Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket


Most people who aspire to making gift baskets struggle to commence operations. Hampers With Bite recommends initiating the process by focusing on the hobbies and interests of individuals who receive the gifts. Hampers With Bite believes making a chocolate lover’s gift basket can be fun and inexpensive. A gift basket that is done well rewards both creators and recipients with fond memories that last a lifetime. Gift baskets magically uplift the spirits of those who receive them.

The categories below and others are given due consideration during the kickoff phase:

  • Sports zealots may hold interest in football, baseball, basketball, fishing, tennis, soccer, hang-gliding, etc.
  • Cooking enthusiasts include lovers of herbs and spices, exotic dishes, gourmet preparations, or other specialty concoctions.
  • Technology lovers yearn for cellphones, computers, optical devices, exotic instruments, sophisticated devices, and innovation in general.

Gift basket enthusiasts can employ inexpensive items as they prepare the chocolate lover’s gift basket. The items may be acquired quickly and easily at craft stores, party stores, dollar stores, discount stores, and closeout stores. Flea markets and garage sales also present great opportunities for gift givers to find and purchase inexpensive materials for the project. As individuals look around their homes, they often find things they can use to move their efforts forward in cheap and easy fashion.

Hampers With Bite encourages gift basket givers to fill the basket with an abundance of chocolate goodies while including other items that support the basket theme. Some ideas are furnished below to spark the imagination and speed the process of production:

  • Chocolate bars, chocolate covered pretzels, Belgian chocolates, Hershey chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate mints, white chocolates, dark chocolates
  • Recipes for chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate desserts, chocolate candies, brownies
  • Herbal teas, specialty teas, coffee mix, hot chocolate mix, biscotti, healthy snacks, nuts, cinnamon sticks, coffee mix, wooden spoons, stuffed animals
  • The gift basket creator can draw upon a variety of items to serve as the basket or container. The choice is influenced by both budgetary considerations and the idea or theme of the project:
  • Straw baskets, wicker baskets, picnic baskets, wire baskets, bamboo baskets, plastic baskets, metal baskets
  • Buckets, tea pots, popcorn bowls, champagne buckets, large hats, pasta bowls spontaneous creations
  • Gift basket makers can line the basket or container with tea towels or tissue paper. Other options include colored napkins, colored towels, shredded paper, small fabric pieces, dish towels, kitchen towels, and creative cuttings.

Hampers With Bite suggests filling the baskets with lots of wonderful, wrapped chocolate candy. Basket creators may also include other wrapped candies that enhance the allure of chocolate. Bits of newspapers shredded colored paper, Easter basket grass, and straw can all be included to complete the masterpiece.

The number of items included will only be limited by the imagination of the maker and the size of the basket or container. Once the basket maker is satisfied with the collection of items, he/she will turn attention to thoughts that involve securing and wrapping the basket. Many people opt for cellophane as the wrapping material. It works well, and individuals often have some on hand at home. Tulle netting has emerged as another option in the wrapping process.

Once the basket is wrapped, it will be tied off with ribbons. Individuals make their own decisions in this area, and the process allows for great creativity and flexibility. Wired fabric ribbon is preferred by most in executing the task. Once the basket is tied off, the maker can adorn it with a colorful arrangement of bows. Bows allow for as much creativity as do ribbons.

The next effort involves combining the elements of the project. The basket maker brings all the tools and ingredients together in a location designed for work. Matters proceed with the steps outlined below:

  • Line the gift container with the preferred materials
  • Add fillers to the basket to provide support and height
  • Place the items and goodies in the gift container
  • The larger items will be placed in the back and to the rear
  • The smaller items will be placed in front and on top
  • Fillers should be used to occupy space and stabilize the arrangement
  • Adjust in creative fashion as necessary

Once the above steps have been followed, the basket creator will center the gift container over the cellophane wrap or whatever material will be employed in the wrapping process. He/she will then bring the wrapping material over the top of the basket and secure it with the choice of ribbon. The gift maker will add a gift card and a colorful bow or two to complete the gift basket.

Try to avoid using perishable items in gift baskets. Many recipients admire their basket for a long time. In some cases, the baskets sit for months. Perishable items will degrade, and they will detract from the elegance reflected in the gift.

Hampers With Bite encourage gift basket creators to remain mindful of ways to perfect the chocolate lover’s gift basket in ways that are cheap and easy. They should acquaint themselves with online outlets that frequently discount the necessary products. They should also familiarize themselves with craft shops and thrift stores in their neighborhoods. They can inexpensively gather all the supplies needed to ensure success in their operations. They can make chocolate lover’s gift baskets in ways that are cheap and easy.

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