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How to Train Your Pup to Stay Calm When the Doorbell Rings?

We believe a doorbell can be enough to stir mayhem in a puppy household. Dogs and little pups are very sensitive to sounds. A few knocks on the door or a ringing doorbell can drive fur babies into a frenzy. In such cases, we can consider that your puppy’s territorial behavior may be at play.

However, if your doggo barks excessively even when there are no distractions they probably have some hidden issues you may not be aware of yet. It can be a health concern, behavioral problem, fear, stress, anxiety, or just boredom. Meet your vet to understand the root cause of your pupper’s perpetual barking habit.

With the best pet insurance, your doggy can be covered for top-notch health care at economical costs. Inquire into pet insurance cost online across various pet health insurers. While you reflect on several pet plans and their benefits, read this article to learn how to coach your pet pup not to react to a familiar sound such as a doorbell.

How to train your pet pup to stay calm when the door rings?

Pet parents may have witnessed chronic pet barking episodes at some point, like times when postal workers arrive at the door to deliver mail. At the same time, many pet parents might have also been at the receiving end (in terms of fines) due to their pupper’s constant barking, aggression, and other disturbing antics in public.

If you are a puppy parent who has been through incidents like the ones mentioned above, there is little to fear. Taming an unruly pup is possible with determination and consistent training. Learn to curb the howls in two simple steps.

#1 Desensitization

  • You can knock on doors and other surfaces, like your walls, wooden floor, or glass table, so your puppy gets familiar with the different sounds. Also, you can consider doing this at random times and ask other family members to join in while training your puppy.
  • Plus, you can ask anybody from the household to ring the bell and command your puppy to “sit”, “go”, or “stay” at the same time. It is an essential part of coaching your puppy, so they know what to do when they hear a doorbell sound.
  • You can offer your furry little small portions of their favorite treats every time they follow your command to encourage positive behavior. Rewards and praises can help your doggo learn their lessons quickly.
  • One word of caution here – don’t yell or respond negatively to your furry friend if they take time to get accustomed to the high-pitched sounds. You must maintain composure and ignore their barks so your paw pal knows it may not be a serious situation worth reacting to.

#2 Crate training

  • You can teach your furry friend to go to their crate or plush bed if they find anything intimidating in the surroundings.
  • Your puppy needs to know that the crate or dog bed in a remote corner of a room is a safe zone it can retreat to in challenging times.
  • Lead your puppy to their haven by giving short and crisp commands like “go inside” and “stay there” while you answer the door when the doorbell rings.
  • Then again, tiny treats can work wonders in transforming your pup into a “Good boy!”. So, make sure you appreciate them thoroughly.

As a puppy parent, you may already know your furry companion’s incessant barking habit as the doorbell rings. Your fur baby may try its best to alert you of suspicious activity around the home; in the process, they may end up barking even at innocent guests at your door. If puppy barking has been an ongoing issue, consult your vet, so they guide you on resolving the issue.

They may even recommend a pet behaviourist to provide training to your pet, especially if you have tried the above advice and more.

Pet insurance can cover your fur baby’s non-routine vet visits, medications, and more, but not behavioral issues. You can check various pet plan benefits and request and compare quotes online before purchasing the best pet insurance policy. Also, consider your pet’s medical needs, pet insurance cost, and affordability so your puppy can be covered sufficiently with a little financial burden.

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