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When you are convicted of a crime, whether it is a petty or major one, there are penalties that you may face. One of the most serious penalties is imprisonment. If you are convicted of a crime such as assault with a deadly weapon, you could end up in prison for many years. Other penalties include fines, community service, and probation.

Penalties for coadmin offenses

In administrative penal proceedings, imprisonment sentences for coadmin offenses are only admissible if they are specified in administrative regulations. Usually, the maximum prison term that can be imposed for a given offence is six weeks. However, it is possible to impose a shorter sentence if it is justified and if the offence is particularly aggravated. If a shorter sentence is imposed, the prisoner must still follow the rules for House Bill 86 or Senate Bill 201 prisoners.

Prison sentences for coadmin offenses may also be imposed to prevent a repeat offence. The court must consider the defendant’s Criminal History Category and the Classification of Violation before imposing a prison sentence. Minimum imprisonment length is twelve hours and the minimum fine is seven Euros.


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