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Is It Time to Bid Donald Trump Farewell?

Ahead of the final debate between President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden, it’s important to recognize how the candidates are different. The two men are polar opposites on numerous issues, from abortion to national security. However, they have vastly different approaches to tackling them. In the first presidential debate, both candidates used the sideshow strategy that worked so well in the 2016 primary. In the second debate, the topic turned more serious and focuses on the difference between the two candidates. Both candidates were attacked during the debate, and both men were accused of not paying taxes. While Trump denied these allegations, he maintained that he was paying the minimum amount of taxes required by law. His response was to cite the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic and to claim that the media had maliciously publicized false reports about his taxes.

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Reflects their position in foreign policy

The presidential debate was a divisive issue in the last election. While some people favored Biden, the debate was marred by several problems. Many voters wanted to know if Trump and Biden were paying their fair share of taxes. The candidates’ responses reflected their own positions on foreign policy. In the end, the voters’ reactions to the candidate’s performance were mostly negative. The final presidential debate is expected to be held on October 2 on Fox News. Both sides are trying to keep their campaigns moving forward. CNN has an exclusive interview with Mike and Calia, and FiveThirtyEight has the latest polling data. While there is still a lot of unanswered questions, the news coverage will help determine which candidate has the most potential for winning the presidency.

Mixed results

The Commission on Presidential Debates: A statement was issued on November 16, 2020, expressing its disapproval of the debate. It is worth noting that there were a total of eight candidates in the presidential debate. As the Commission on Presidential Debates notes, this is a “mistake.” The results were mixed and both candidates were disqualified for the vice-presidential race. Both candidates have made controversial remarks during the presidential debate. During the debate, Trump interrupted Joe Biden and compared him to a clown. Both candidates appeared to be more aggressive than Hilary Clinton did in the 2016 debate. Nonetheless, these two men are unlikely to win the presidential race. It’s a crucial question in the race for the presidency.

Failed to solve important problems

The debate was a shitshow, as the candidates failed to address the issues that matter to voters. While both candidates made their cases, both failed to respond to the other’s arguments. And, while both men were right, it’s not yet time to bid farewell to the president. The president had repeatedly insulted Welker, who later declined to participate in the debate. In the first debate, former Vice President Biden accused Donald Trump of not paying enough taxes. The President denied these allegations and claimed federal institutions were auditing his tax returns. He also said he did not know how to respond to critics’ attacks on his character. In a tense atmosphere, the vice presidential contenders’ positions could sway the election in either direction.


While both candidates were eager to get a chance to debate each other, the first debate was a disaster. The president did not even bother to make a single argument in the final debate. Despite this, the second presidential candidate, Vice President Biden blasted both of them with a barrage of lies. While his opponents were in agreement on the issues, the moderator was unresponsive to both sides. The debate was less tense than the first, and both candidates argued for more police officers in the cities. Both sides had an argument about how to deal with the problem. The vice president, meanwhile, defended Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Both candidates criticized their opponents for failing to take action on Democratic proposals. Click here blogradiovn.com to get top news all over the world and you can also check out this site rdxnet.biz for getting more info. 

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