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Open Culture is a free online portal Pagetechcrunch that has plenty of resources to offer. This includes multimedia content, audio and video, eBooks, as well as K-12 content. These are available for download and viewing on the website or through apps such as iTunes.

The website is designed in the style of a blog and features multiple posts on the front page every day. Each one provides a short description of the site’s main feature, which is an online catalogue of free cultural and educational media. Users can browse by subject or genre. One can find a wide variety of media that will be useful to teachers, students, and other interested parties.

The main objective of this initiative is to promote the growth of free online learning. To do so, it has created a catalogue of high quality, vetted, and accessible cultural, educational, and technological content. From videos to books, audio recordings to games, and more, these resources are available in the form of ebooks, podcasts, and more.

The site has an optional email newsletter to keep users up to date with the latest offerings. In addition to being a resource for learners, this platform allows companies to leverage employee-generated videos to produce more compelling job ads. Aside from the aforementioned free cultural media, Open Culture also allows users to participate in project development. There is also the option to purchase an Open Culture permit to host public performances or other activities at an event.

Other features include the site’s Twitter feed and Facebook account. The Open Culture website also offers an email list with a free ad-free newsletter. As well, the website is mobile friendly, and has several links to relevant sites, such as Google, YouTube, Apple, and others. Getting started is easy.

The website is the brainchild of Stanford dean and entrepreneur Dan Coleman. He was inspired by his time as a teacher at Stanford and realized that there was no central repository for high quality, free educational materials. Thus, he founded Open Culture. Since its inception, the website has grown to include over a thousand different free resources.

It is no wonder that the website has been dubbed the best free cultural media site on the internet. Although the site was originally created for educational purposes, it has since spawned a number of non-educational projects. For example, the site has launched a socially distant outdoor performance initiative. Additionally, it is home to one of the largest open source libraries in the world. Among the notable contributions are a number of open-source programs, such as Apache and MySQL. Moreover, the site is part of a larger network of free learning resources, including Digital Culture, Open Books, and Digital Public Library of America.

The site’s many resources provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to improve their learning experience and achieve greater diversity hiring. Whether you’re looking for a novel way to learn about a particular subject, or you want to see the biggest library in the world, the Open Culture website is the place to go.

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