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DevOps is an acronym for development and operations. It’s a widespread practice widely implemented by tech companies worldwide. As a result, DevOps certification has become a buzzword in recent years. It is more than just a development methodology or a set of automation technologies; it is a culture that brings development and operations teams together to collaborate on products. DevOps engineers bridge the communication gap between developers and operations teams by combining software development skills like agile methodologies with IT operations like infrastructure management, configuration, and automation.

Top Platforms to Get a DevOps Certification

An authorized DevOps certification certifies a candidate’s skills and expertise in a wide area and aids in making a solid portfolio. It indicates to recruiters that the individual has practical work experience. Let’s explore the different ways to get your DevOps training online:

  • Introduction to DevOps: by Edx

EdX offers a certification course for beginners. This course will teach you about the role of DevOps in modern development techniques, as well as open container ecosystems and how to write infrastructure as code. It teaches students about CI, CD, continuous deployment in software delivery, and how they work together to form a development pipeline. 

You will also learn about observability systems and how to put CI/CD processes into action. This DevOps certification course also teaches you how to write scripts that operate on cloud platforms with no language or cloud vendor constraints. This course does not require any prior experience with any programming language or tools. As a result, you can begin at the beginning.

  • DevOps Foundations-Linkedin learnings

This course was created by DevOps professionals Ernest Mueller and James Wickett. It emphasizes the core and foundational strategies of the popular methodology, such as automation, principles, CAMS, culture, and other activities. The certification outlines the complete DevOps building block, and its relationship to agile and lean development approaches. This course does not require any previous knowledge of DevOps. You’ll also learn about SRE, CD, and infrastructure automation.

  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps by Coursera

The University of Virginia created this Coursera DevOps certification course for beginners interested in starting their careers in DevOps. You can learn how to analyze a delivery pipeline and improve its performance. It will walk you through common industry skills and roles and educate you on using these talents to contribute to CD pipelines.

The certification course examines automation testing and enhances existing delivery pipelines. To take this course, you must have a basic understanding of computer programming and software development principles. You can access various exams, assignments, and industry expert insights.

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional certificate

It is now one of the most popular certificates recognized by industry professionals and experts everywhere. It helps you validate your DevOps skills and knowledge to advance in your career. This is a professional exam for people having at least two years of experience configuring, operating, provisioning, and managing infrastructures in AWS environments. It evaluates your abilities in AWS CD and CI system creation, automated security controls, compliance validation, AWS process regulation, and monitoring, deploying metrics, and logging. This DevOps certification tests your ability to create self-healing, highly scalable systems on AWS.

  • Microsoft certified DevOps engineer-Expert certificate

Microsoft Azure, like AWS, is a cloud computing platform. This certificate is intended for candidates and professionals who have demonstrated strong subject matter knowledge in continuous delivery while dealing with organizations, people, and processes. 

To participate in this certification program, professionals must have experience implementing and designing methods and solutions that enable teams to collaborate, transforming infrastructure to code, performing continuous integration and monitoring of services, and managing configurations, testing, and feedback. 

Candidates wishing to obtain this DevOps certification must be familiar with Azure administration and have completed certifications such as Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Developer Certificate.

  • Professional certificate From Puppet

Puppet is one of the most widely used configuration management tools in DevOps. As a result, this certification is highly popular and crucial as it can provide proof of your skills. This certification exam will assess your skills and understanding of Puppet tools; you must have hands-on experience working with Puppet to pass it. 

After applying for this certification, you will be able to perform operations on a remote system infrastructure using Puppet and will be required to complete specific tasks. You will also be able to learn about external data sources, data separation, language style, and other topics.

  • Kubernetes certifications

Kubernetes is a free and open-source container management system that automates the deployment and management of multi-container applications. Kubernetes opens the path for DevOps by allowing the team to stay up with software development requirements, making it a mainstream participant in the area of DevOps training online. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation worked together to create the Kubernetes certification program, which recognizes professionals who deal with this software.

  • Certificate Program In DevOps and Cloud Engineering by Hero Vired 

This course by Hero Vired is specifically made for someone who has a zeal to dig deep into the massive sphere of coding. This special course also initiates various techniques of automating tasks along with all the needs throughout the software development cycle. It is a perfect course for you to gain the fundamental knowledge to build expert DevOps and cloud solutions and automate the code with ease. 

Wrapping up

There is no denying that DevOps is here to stay in the future. As a result, obtaining a DevOps certification is no longer optional—steadily, it’s becoming a requirement. Whether you want to improve your current skill set, advance in your current position, or change careers entirely, acquiring a DevOps certification provides many benefits for the company and the person. 

And DevOps jobs are typically among the highest-paying jobs in the sector. By acquiring an in-demand certification, you not only increase your chances of being awarded one of these positions but also increase your chances of receiving bonuses, promotions or pay raises.

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