Life Hacks For College Students


It’s no secret that college students are some of the most resourceful people out there. They learn to address challenges through creativity, imagination, cleverness and being fast on their feet. There’s a lot of pressure being in school, especially at the college level, and if you can find a successful way to solve a problem, then, that’s half the battle. Here are some favorite life hacks that every college student needs to know about.

Reheat Leftover Pizza Slices

This is a clever hack for hungry college students and just about anyone else on the planet. Most have a microwave oven at their disposal in the dorm kitchen or their cool college apartment, and Cosmopolitan Magazine has the best tip for reheating up those leftover pizza slices without getting the soggy effect. You can do this at 3 A.M. or whenever the mood strikes.

Desire a crispy, delicious crust?

No problem, just fill a cup with a little water, place it in the microwave next to the pizza slice, and it’ll soak up any moisture.

Try Amazon College Book Rentals

Getting all the essentials, including the textbooks you will need for your classes, can add up pretty fast. In fact, estimated that college students would be shelling out anywhere between $1,240-$1,440 for the 2019 academic year.

Those prices have gone up even more three years later.

Here’s a cost-saving hack. Rent your textbooks from That’s right; check out Amazon Rentals and compare prices. You will find a ton of college textbooks to rent instead of paying the crazy-full price to buy them.

Organize Your Drawers With Containers

You’ve got an awesome place and more privacy now that you’re living at 10X Miami River. Being downtown in luxury digs and having access to all the fine places you need to be is the perfect setting for the college student.

The next step you should take is learning to organize all of your college stuff. For instance, space is always an issue when it comes to drawers. To avoid a massive clutter situation, the experts recommend buying a variety of small containers to organize and sort your things. You can find small containers in all shapes, sizes and colors and can pop them into drawers in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Get Busy With A Vegetable Chopper

Another hack for the busy college student as you enjoy life in your incredible 10X Miami River apartment is having the ultimate kitchen tool. It’s called a vegetable chopper, and it can make life easier when you need to assemble all those crunchy and delicious veggies for your salads and meals.

You can stand there and take forever to manually chop all those vegetables, but a fancy little device that can slice and dice in mere seconds with just one simple push movement is truly a genius kitchen tool.

Bring In The Plants

When you want to add an air of sophistication to your college dorm room or apartment, decorate with a houseplant or several. A bit of greenery and florals can transform your space instantly. Best of all, real plants clean and purify the air around them, so it’s a healthy plus for your place.

If you lack a green thumb, then buy some succulents and group them into a terrarium type of display. They don’t need much attention and always offer exotic beauty to a room.

Drink The Ideal Hangover Cure

Sometimes, it happens during college life. You’ve got a vicious hangover and need to get back to normal really quickly.

If you’re of drinking age and you need the perfect hangover cure, then load up on the Pedialyte. That’s correct, and many college students swear by this hack because it contains electrolytes and works well for mild to moderate dehydration.

Drink it before you go out and after, and you’ll feel like a million bucks the next morning.

College students are the world’s future leaders, and there’s lots of pressure to succeed. When you can make your living environment around you more relaxed and organized, you’ll find that studying becomes easier, and the college lifestyle is a blast and better than you expected!

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