Planets Aligning: What Does It Mean for You?


When the planets are aligned’ has become an expression associated with good fortune and things working out for the best. In fact, astronomers will tell you that because of the orientation and the tilt of their orbits, it is extremely rare for all of the planets in the solar system to line up. The last time it happened was in 949 AD and it won’t happen again until 2492.

Zodiac psychics will tell you that six planets align about every hundred years and five or fewer happen with greater, although irregular, frequency. When planets align, astrologists interpret all of the information that is being communicated and how the energy involved with flow. There are a number of variables happening during these episodes, and each is different.

Some Astrological Basics

Astrology is the interpretation of how the movements and positions of the celestial bodies influence human affairs and the natural world. The sky is divided into 12 sections, each represented by a sign of the zodiac. Each zodiac is aligned to the stars. Astrologists examine the movements of the stars to better understand people’s personalities and events in their lives.

Each of the planets, including the sun and moon, controls different aspects of human nature. The moon, for instance, is said to affect people’s minds and emotions, while Saturn speaks to concepts associated with limitations and practicality. You might expect to get a particular reading regarding an alignment if one or both of these planets are involved.

How Astrologers Interpret Planetary Alignments

When planets align, they bring the concepts that they represent to the forefront. Astrologers use this information to interpret the meanings of alignments. The best clairvoyant understands how the planets are assigned to the zodiac signs and contribute to their composition. Thus, when planets line up, the different aspects that they represent come into greater focus and can be applied to people’s particular lives.

Opportunity for Reevaluation

The effects of planetary alignments on people last for about 141 days. During this time, it is advised that people work on self-improvement and discipline, and try to better understand themselves. Because the alignments are so singular in nature and have different meanings depending on the different zodiac signs, any reevaluation should be accompanied by a visit to an astrologist, who can help you better understand these concepts that they’ve been studying longer than you have.

Repair and Rapid Expansion

When planets align, there is an influx of energy and it can be used to help people to continue to grow or actualize. Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, prosperity and good fortune. Venus is associated with repair, harmony and affections. Further, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, while Venus rules Libra and Taurus. If these planets were involved in an alignment, it would be an energized time of cleaning house and moving forward for either sign.

When planets align, news of change could be on the horizon. It depends on which planets are lining up, during which phase of the zodiac and other factors. Online medium readings can help you to interpret the nature of a planetary alignment. Visit a psychic reading website today to learn more about when the planets will align again and what that means for your particular place in the zodiac.

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