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Pros and cons of buying surplus lab equipment

One of the best ways to find resources for a laboratory is to check the top auction portals online. Most of the time, these portals often offer an integrated marketplace where you can find the best-in-class used or surplus lab equipment for the right purposes. This equipment can be used to meet specific contemporary requirements.

You will get a plethora of digital portals where you can find such equipment sold by previous users. This equipment is either used or surplus in nature. It means the owner is not currently using them as of now and wants to recover the capital invested. On the other hand, many laboratories sell used equipment to upgrade their own infrastructures. Such used equipment is bought by interested buyers for an infrastructure upgrade.

Pros and cons of surplus lab equipment

Before buying surplus laboratory equipment, here are lists of pros and cons you need to consider.

The pros of buying surplus lab equipment are:

  • Reduced price

It is obvious that a machine or equipment in a lab that has not been used for months will depreciate in cost. It also means an interested buyer will not have to pay the retail price of the unit he wants to buy. Hence, the owners sell them at a depreciated price to recover as much capital as possible and to make more space in the labs for newer equipment. It works well for interested buyers.

  • Genuine pieces of machinery and equipment

Another reason for choosing surplus laboratory machinery is genuineness. The current owner must have authenticated the equipment before buying and has paid the right price. Due to certain circumstances, he has to sell it at a low price in the market to retrieve the money. Hence, surplus equipment is a good deal in terms of warranty, product validity, authenticity, and usage.

  • No backing up at orders

It seldom happens that a whole seller or a supplier of lab equipment procures equipment based on the orders. Based on the orders, the arrangements are generally made. Sometimes, due to high demand or due to lack of communication, orders don’t get fulfilled on time. It results in a chaotic situation when a lab seriously needs equipment. Buying surplus lab equipment will not let that happen. There is direct communication between the buyer and seller online. As the seller wants to get rid of the machines, he will make arrangements for sure and the buyer will receive them in no time.

The cons of buying surplus laboratory equipment are:

  • Not checking information

Sometimes, the information on the lab equipment does not match the equipment received. The authenticity of the supplier or a laboratory authority does not check out properly. A buyer often misses checking the information and makes wrong decisions. Word of mouth is not what you should look for, in this aspect.

  • Condition of the equipment

The condition of lab equipment for sale may not be good at all. Even though the description matches that of the real one, the condition of the machines may not be up to expectations. This is why buyers should trust authentic sellers and must approach buying surplus equipment.


Balancing the pros and cons becomes much easier when you can easily find a reliable online auction portal. This portal will only register authentic buyers and sellers and will also cater to a proper communication channel. Buyers and sellers of surplus lab equipment will also be able to authenticate themselves and proceed to close a deal in no time. This is how you can procure authentic lab equipment from online auction portals.

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