Purchase Criteria For The Handcart Or Wagon


The wagon like the best kids wagon for instance, or handcart as it is often called, should meet some criteria before it is included in the domestic range. First of all, parents should pay attention to the right handcart type. Above all, the purpose and use are decisive here. A simple wooden model is sufficient if the handcart is only used for domestic use. However, if you have to take the handcart on trips and, for example, drive along beach promenades, it makes sense to use a foldable handcart. Furthermore, parents should pay attention to the following material conditions or purchase criteria.


We have already briefly mentioned the material components. Most handcarts are made of wool or polyester. On the other hand, the basic construction is usually made of a steel frame. When processing the material, you should always ensure that it is extremely robust. If you decide on a handcart made of wood, it is essential to pay attention to the weatherproof jacket. These should either already be applied to the wood material or applied yourself.

Weight And Dimensions Of The Handcart

If the handcart is not always used, it makes sense to study the dimensions carefully. Because it may be necessary to quarter this car for a longer period. With a foldable handcart, you hardly have a problem here. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to the foldable dimensions to know to what extent the handcart needs space when folded. The weight is only necessary when carrying out transport with the handcart.

The Resilience

When it comes to resilience, there are big differences. For example, some handcarts can load between 70 and 100 kilograms. However, there are also somewhat larger handcarts, which can load up to 150 kilograms. In advance, it is essential to know which purposes are to be carried out with the handcart. If you would like to use the handcart, for example, to transport newspapers or to transport purchases, then it is sufficient to use a car with a maximum payload of 500 kilograms.

Driving Characteristics

The driving characteristics are essential during use. However, these depend on the tires that the handcart received during production. Most handcarts have solid rubber wheels. Pneumatic tires can only be found on high-quality hand trucks. Especially when it comes to their children, parents should be careful to use pneumatic tires. In this, the child has better driving comfort. Unfortunately, the pneumatic tires have a decisive disadvantage. It’s not particularly robust. With rubber tires, however, things are a bit different.

Additional Functions

Additional functions are essential. In this area, parents should make sure that the handcart has a brake or parking brake. These functions should be available, especially when transporting children. There is also the option of handcarts with a sunroof. So-called tail bags are also quite common in the further course.

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