Safety Tips After Hamilton Windows Replacement


Hamilton windows replacement is an investment project that every homeowner should consider at least once every five years. After the replacement process, homeowners next consider how to keep their children safe or even pets. Children love moving around and find everything playful, whether risky or not.

The best step to protecting your children from injuries after installing new windows is ensuring that you waterproof them. Since children are very curious, this is not the only safety tip you should implement. If you have had Hamilton windows replaced, the following are safety tips for your children.

1. Prevention Of Window And Balcony Falls

Windows and balconies pose a great risk and safety hazard to young children, especially if the windows are left open. There are many cases of children’s injuries caused by falls from windows or balconies. Sadly, some of these cases result in death which is not something any homeowner would like.

It is important that during Hamilton windows replacement, you keep your children and pets out of the house. Once the installation is complete, ensure you keep your windows and doors closed, especially those with access to the balcony.

You should allow your children to play in the area near the windows unsupervised because they can learn how to open the window over time.

On the exterior side of the windows, you should keep any items like flower pots and furniture away from the railing. This is a safety precaution just in case an accident happens and you cannot prevent the fall. You can also keep an air mattress near the exterior windows to provide a soft landing in case of an accident.

Always place furniture and any item that can offer children comfort in climbing to the window away. Hamilton windows and doors should be equipped with screens that keep bangs away and are also strong to prevent falls.

2. Beware Of Blind And Curtain Cords

After Hamilton windows replacement, you are likely to add curtains and blinds for extra privacy. The curtains and the blinds can be a safety risk in a household with small kids. They can get tangled on the blinds and curtains cords while playing, which could cause suffocation or harm.

To prevent such accidents, ensure that you place furniture away from the windows to hinder access to the cords. Alternatively, you can use cordless blinds and curtains, which are readily available in the market.

3. Secure Your Windows And Doors

It is important to keep the windows and doors locked in a household with children. Children may be tempted to play with open doors and windows and end up harming themselves, especially when the edges of the window are sharp and pointed.

Closing the windows and doors also helps prevent the children from going outside unsupervised. Some children may also be victims of sleepwalking which could result in serious safety hazards when the doors and windows are left open.

You should also install night lights or leave them on the exterior during the night to help children who cannot reach the switches from falling as they try to walk during the night.

4. Rely On An Expert

Parents and guardians should seek help from experts regarding the best types of Hamilton windows and doors to install. Most homeowners don’t realize that the glass frame of a window or door cannot prevent your child from falling.

If your window is a slider or casement window, it is important that you consider installing window guards to protect your young ones from falling. It is important to understand the best type of window to install during Hamilton windows replacement for the safety of your children.

5. Extra Hardware

Homeowners should rely on using extra hardware from the local stores and with the guidance of an expert to ensure the safety of their children.

The windows and doors should be childproofed, and also the locks should come with an extra child lock feature.

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