Shatter vs Wax: What Is The Difference?


If potency is what you prefer over terpenes, then concentrates are your way to go. Concentrates like cheapest shatter online canada and wax are way stronger than the plant itself and can boost the benefits of traditional cannabis. But before deciding on which concentrate would be best for you, let’s understand their key differences and effects.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is one type of cannabis concentrate produced by combining cannabis plant matter and solvents. The weed concentrate is generally translucent and the color ranges from bright, honey-like amber to a darker yellow shade. Shatter products obtain their name from the brittle nature they have. The consistency can range from extremely brittle to pull ‘n’ snap. This somehow is dependent on the concentration of cannabis present in the product. Shatter has a high THC content, up to 80 percent or more, which makes the concentrate one of the most potent you can find on the market.

What Is Wax?

Cannabis wax is one of the most potent and popular forms of marijuana concentrate, owing to its medicinal and recreational uses. This gooey and waxy form is high in THC content and has as much as 80% concentration. Wax has a light amber-brown color that’s comparable to peanut butter or almond butter for the most part. Cannabis wax is usually smoked but it can also be vaped if the temperature is maintained at high. Unlike shatter, wax does not break into pieces easily which makes it harder to dab sometimes.

How Are They Made?

The most important differentiating factor between shatter and wax lies in their processing technique. Both the products are prepared from the essential oils extracted from marijuana plants that result in psychedelic effects. The cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are isolated to form a concentrated product that produces a more intense and high effect that lasts longer than smoking the plant alone.

While both shatter and wax require heat for extraction of the oils, shatter uses a higher temperature. Wax also requires a more aggressive mixing in comparison to shatter since the molecules in wax are held haphazardly. Wax is easier to produce while shatter requires more precision. In shatter, the molecules are aligned precisely instead of being a mishmash, and the filtration process is more finely controlled so that you get a purer product than wax.

The Differentiating Factor

Although both the concentrates include 60-80% more cannabis in comparison to traditional cannabis, their texture and looks are very different, and each is named after its physical properties.

Wax is a translucent substance that has a gooey consistency and is easier to handle. Its texture is similar to butter or thick oil. After extraction is complete, the liquid initially looks like shatter, but as the product nears finishing, it turns an amber-like color. Shatter is harder in comparison to wax and is comparable to caramelized sugar or rock candy.

Use And Results

Most people decide between shatter and wax based on the use and results. Despite containing similar therapeutic benefits, shatter has a longer shelf life, and on smoking or heating, it produces a weaker aroma. Wax is less stable compared to shatter because of its soft state. Though wax breaks down more quickly and must be used sooner, it can be used in a lot more ways and much more easily in comparison to shatter.

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