Shutterstock Or how to make money from your photos


Good day everyone! I’m sure you’ve come across the concept of stock photography in one way or another. There are a number of posts all over the internet devoted to this topic, but hardly any of them are able to motivate a novice or accomplished photographer to this type of income. Meanwhile, with due perseverance, stocks can bring quite tangible income, both passive and active. But enough of being proofless.

I’ve been working with stocks for a little over two years, but got into them in earnest a few months ago. I have not earned fabulous money, but they are enough to motivate me to continue doing them. Here are my top 5 best-selling works.

This simple photo brought me almost a third of all earnings on this stock.

The prism lying around among household rubbish sparkled with new colors and paid for itself many times over.

Usual locks and keys rusting in the closet for years, and they sold well.

On stocks, as well as everywhere, everyone adores cats.

And even an incredibly clumsy illustration in Adobe Illustrator has got its own demand.

What it is all about? You don’t have to be a professional photographer and have a cool camera to be a salable stock writer. All you need is minimal knowledge, simple shooting techniques and a little creativity.

I will not give specific figures, but I can say that for the first few months, novice stockers are able to receive $ 35-50 monthly. I agree that the amounts are small, but believe me, even they will please you, as well as the realization that your hobby is interesting to people from all continents

This article is introductory to understand how interested you are in this topic. I will be happy to write a series of posts about all the pitfalls, the principles of processing photos for stocks and choosing the subject of shooting, because I myself have been cooking in all this for a long time and I can help you go through the path that I myself went through much faster.

You can Sign up for Shutterstock and try by yourself here 

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