skin care tips from head to toe


1. Tips for skin care

When you have time to stay at home for a long time don’t go out like this. It’s time for a full facial treatment. which we recommend to mask it Because a face mask is like adding nutrients to the skin deeper and longer than applying a general cream. Because the ingredients in the mask are more concentrated. and the duration of the mask left This will give the skin more time to absorb nutrients than applying a little cream each day.

2. Tips to nourish the skin of the neck and décolleté

Your face is tight and your neck won’t wither! Because a wrinkled neck is a sign of aging that can make us look older. The lifestyle of the new generation in this era who often spends a lot of time playing with their mobile phones for a long time. until causing a crease on the neck and may become permanent wrinkles that are difficult to solve in the end Therefore, in addition, we must be careful not to fold the neck often. We can use a helper like a neck cream. After using it, our neck skin will be nourished to be firmer and smoother.

3. Skin care tips

In addition to the face Our skin must be nourished as well. So it’s called beautiful. The more our faces have been creamed, the more beautiful the skin. Our skin will be beautiful and healthy if you receive a good lotion as well. So a simple trick is to nourish your body with lotion after a shower in the morning and evening. or can be nourished during the day during the long stay at home It will make our body skin healthier waptrickcom.

4. Armpit maintenance tips

The skin in a secret place like an armpit Although rarely seen But we should maintain it. because of having white and smooth underarm skin It will make us more confident in living life than black armpits or chicken skin. which our lifestyle of living from shaving or plucking armpit hair including sarcasm It is one of the reasons that make our armpit skin black and chicken skin. Therefore, during the time spent at home for a long time like this It’s time for us to restore our armpit skin to be white and smooth anyway. Leaving the house again, I’m sure. Wear a single strap or do various activities without worrying at all myflixerto.

5. Hand care tips

During this epidemic situation Keeping your mobile phone clean is important. Whether it’s washing your hands with soap or using alcohol gel here. but frequent hand washing Even if it makes us trust in cleanliness But our skin is dry and tighter than before. We should always keep the skin soft. It doesn’t look like a dry hand than your age. Therefore, we recommend nourishing your hands with a hand cream. will be of great help

6. Secrets to nourish stretch marks / cellulite

The skin on our abdomen, thighs or calves This is usually the skin that reveals stretch marks or cellulite. causing many people to be insecure So during a lot of time and not going out Let’s take care of our skin to be beautiful and smooth. The simple method is massage itself ipagal.

7. Leg maintenance tips

I want to have beautiful, smooth legs. Be sure to wear anything. During this time, we have to spend a long time at home to restore our legs to heal. One of the recommended methods is to use creams to help. And the cream used should be a cream that helps in solving the stretch marks especially with it. So it can help our legs come back smoother.

8. Foot care tips

The skin of the feet is another part of the body that needs to be treated like other skin areas. This is because the skin of our feet suffers from biting shoes, lots of walking and dirt from the road. Therefore, we must not forget to nourish the feet as well. Therefore it is truly beautiful from head to toe.

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