Slot Machine Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts in the Casino


Respect other slot machine players and casino staff when operating slot machines. Be familiar with the rules, dress appropriately and manage your money responsibly.

Tipp the casino floor staff when they bring you free drinks; this is particularly important on weekends when shift workers may be working shifts.


As with any activity, when playing slots there are certain protocols which should be observed to make sure everyone involved enjoys themselves as much as possible. Not only is this good manners but can make the experience much more pleasurable!

For example, if you know that another player is waiting to play and you need a short break of 10 minutes or less from gaming, leaving an inexpensive personal item such as cigarettes or beverages behind can signal that you will return soon and allow someone else to take your place temporarily. Ask any nearby players who might be willing to step in.

Be polite and courteous towards casino staff members. From slot attendant waitresses to players club associates, most casino employees strive hard to provide a rewarding gambling experience for you – treat them with dignity and they may return the favor by showing your gratitude.


Conflict between slot players may be rare, but they do occasionally occur. Such disputes often revolve around personal space issues and may involve spilling drinks or food on machines. Also, leaving games for prolonged periods without notifying fellow players may lead to disputes and arguments between participants.

Waiting nearby someone playing a slot machine is considered impolite and should be seen as rude in busy casinos when others are waiting to use the machines themselves. Instead, either try playing on another machine or make your way towards the lounge area if that is available to you.

Remembering the casino floor staff’s dependence on tips from gambling players, it is also polite to offer any that serve drinks during slots games a small tip; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages count. When discarding your ashes use an ashtray rather than reaching towards other player games to do it.

Getting Started

When visiting a casino floor, it is polite to be considerate of other gamblers’ personal space and avoid loitering around machines they are playing. This is particularly important if a machine is currently winning; players do not want you breathing down their neck when the odds of success have increased dramatically. Lurking also interferes with concentration and generally is considered rude.

Stopping at a machine and not playing is in poor taste; this deprives other players access and prevents the casino from making money on that slot machine. If you need a break from gambling, take short breaks so other players don’t have to wait for machines to become free; also leave drinks with casino staff or in designated drink areas, and keep smoking to an absolute minimum, if allowed at all on gaming floors.

Making a Deposit

Casinos can be bustling places, and slots are in high demand. To maintain an enjoyable and stress-free casino experience for both customers and staff alike, be mindful of fellow players. If there is an uncomfortable encroachment or payment issues related to a game that are making you uncomfortable, always remain polite and respectful if communicating directly with another player about these matters; keeping things civil saves everyone considerable hassle in the end.

Casino workers appreciate being treated kindly. Whether speaking with the manager, slot attendant or waitress in an establishment, individuals respond more readily when you are polite.

Leave your player’s club card in the machine reader to notify other players that you are still playing that particular game. Since players need breaks for restroom visits or refreshments, leave a sign on the machine letting other players know you will return shortly; otherwise they might take your seat while you’re gone – simply writing “see you soon” will suffice! Smokers must remember to keep their smoke out of sight during gameplay!

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