Take care of yourself after surgery


After the surgery If we don’t take good care of the wound, it may cause problems later. Whether it’s about food It is another factor that people doing plastic surgery should know what to avoid after the surgery. Because not all food can be eaten after the surgery is done. Especially in the first phase during the new surgeries. Should be very careful about food. Because if you choose to eat poorly, it may affect the surgical wound causing the wound to heal slowly or be at risk of infection.

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Foods to avoid after surgery

1. Refrain from vitamins and dietary supplements.

Because some supplements or vitamins contain vitamin E, fish oil, and aspirin, which can cause various reactions that may affect the surgical wound, such as blood clotting. increased swelling of the wound This makes it even more difficult to treat as well. Therefore, if there is no need, you should stop after the surgery first. But if it is really necessary or has a congenital disease that needs to be consumed urgently Consult a specialist doctor. for the safety of our own bodies ofilmywapcom

2. Spicy food

 Many people like to eat spicy food or spicy food after the surgery. should be avoided before especially nose surgery Because the spicy taste of food will stimulate a runny nose. As a result, the wound does not dry out and heals slowly, including in our mucus, there may be germs or foreign objects accumulated with it, increasing the risk of infection of the wound.

3. Fermented food, raw cooked food

Should refrain from eating fermented food or semi-cooked or semi-cooked food before the surgery, such as raw fish, larb, koi, or undercooked meat. various fermented foods Because it may cause infection of the wound. This is because these foods may not be clean and can bring germs to the wound. The wound heals slowly as well. The more fermented foods, usually salty, can cause swelling in the wound as well.

4. Refrain from drinking alcohol or alcohol of any kind.

It is one thing that should be avoided during the post-surgery period. As many people know, alcohol is bad for the body. Because alcohol contains substances that cause the body to pump blood hard. and can cause high blood pressure Not only that, it also destroys cells that will aid in wound healing. This slows the healing of wounds and increases the risk of infection.

5. Some seafood

Because seafood can cause wounds that occur after surgery, allergic reactions that may cause itching, swelling, inflammation, so during the first 1-2 weeks should avoid seafood such as shrimp, shellfish, crabs, fish to reduce the risk of infection. An allergic reaction at the wound site may occur.

Taking care of yourself after surgery

1. Cold compress

During the first few days after surgery, focus on cold compresses, which may be used as cold compresses or chilled towels to reduce inflammation, pain, swelling, and redness. collapse faster heal faster

2. Warm compress

1 week after the surgery, it is recommended to switch to a warm compress to dissolve the clots and allow the blood in the area to flow better. You may be able to use a warm washcloth to help the compress, but the water temperature must be adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, it may cause scalding at the wound site.

3. Sleep with your head elevated.

After the first surgery One thing to be careful about is sleep. You should lie with your head elevated or lie down to avoid congestion in the wound area. In addition, the pillow that helps to support will prevent harm in the surgery area as well bolly2tollyblog.

4. Wash the wound thoroughly.

After surgery, the first thing to consider is cleanliness in the surgical wound area. In the beginning, try to avoid getting the wound at the surgery site to prevent infection and this may result in the wound healing more slowly. Cleanliness should be taken care of by using clean cotton buds to gently absorb any liquid that seeps from the wound as gently as possible.

5. Take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

It is another important way to take care of yourself. is to take medicines as prescribed by the doctor on an ongoing basis To prevent inflammation after surgery Prevents infection in the first place and helps wounds heal faster. It is also recommended to follow the advice of the doctor for the best results and safety for us.

If you follow the advice on both diet and behavior in the post-surgery period You can be confident that the symptoms of the surgical wound must improve and heal faster. But because diet is just part of taking care of yourself after surgery. Therefore, we must keep taking care of ourselves in every aspect. Whether it’s a matter of getting enough sleep each day. The most important thing is to strictly follow the instructions your doctor tells you. Now, the risk of the surgical wound becoming infected or slowing healing is also reduced.

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