Take Your Porch To The Next Level With A Magnetic Screen Door From Everlasting Comfort


A porch needs an easy way to get in and out. Whether you have a simple front step that you are playing around with and like to sit on, or a porch that is designed to be the centerpiece of your house and something anyone can party on, you need a killer door to lead you to this front of the house haven.

Screen doors from Everlasting Comfort will allow you to keep the bugs out, let the breeze in, and ensure that walking from the porch to the house is extremely easy. But these aren’t traditional screen doors, instead these magnetic screen doors are mesh nets that will still keep your home secure.

Why Are Magnetic Screen Doors Important?

First, a magnetic screen door is extremely easy to install when compared to traditional screen doors, and you can even do it yourself. No tough and expensive procedure required, but instead a simple replacement that even the least handy of people will be able to pull off. The magnetic screen doors will come with black metal thumbtacks, hook and loop backing, and even a video tutorial and instruction manual to help you get fully unstuck if needed.

But it only takes four steps to install the door frame. Just clean your existing door frame, lay the magnetic screen door flat to align the magnets, hold the screen door to your door frame, and then attach the magnetic screen door to your door frame with either the thumbtacks or the hook and loop tape.

Additionally, if you have a door that is 38×82 inches or less in its measurements, then the screen will work. The measuring up is all that matters, because our magnetic screen doors will work on fixed, sliding, metal, or wood doors.

How Does The Magnetic Screen Door Work?

If you’ve ever walked into a tent that uses a zipper to hold the flaps closed, then you already have some idea of how it works. The magnets work as the zipper in this case, with the magnetic middle seam consisting of 26 magnets. You just walk through the door and push through the magnets, and then they snap back behind you to securely close the door.

The door itself is made out of a heavy duty polyester mesh that is able to be seen through, and it can withstand usage by you, your guests, your pets, and anyone else who needs to get through the screen door. They have also been designed to withstand the elements as well, so the weather won’t be banging these doors down.

They Have An Ease Of Entry

With traditional screen doors, you need at least one hand free to open them. This certainly becomes much more complicated whenever you are carrying plates, books, or any other item that needs to go inside or outside. Plus, some screen doors get stuck and finicky with age, meaning that you have to wrestle with them to get the doors fully open and that can be a two hand job!

With these magnetic screen doors, you just need to walk through them and the magnetic seam will just open and allow you through. It’s a no hands entry that is perfect for busy parties on the porch and also for young children and pets. No more needing to help them through the screen door or open it for them, because they can do it themselves!

Plus, who doesn’t love not having to get up off the couch to let the pets out of the house?

They Allow The Breeze In, And Keep The Bugs Out

Of course, some people try to overcome the problem of a stuck screen door that needs two hands to open by simply leaving the door open. However, bugs, debris from outside, and all other manner of unpleasant things can get into the house when you do this. Sometimes it can even get to the point where leaving the door open just isn’t worth the hassle.

However, these magnetic screen doors are designed to withstand the efforts of bugs to get inside. The mesh door screen keeps the bugs out and still allows you to experience and see the outdoors, which is a win win for a lot of people.

Using Magnetic Screen Doors To Take Your Porch To The Next Level

Not only do magnetic screen doors make moving from the inside of the house to the porch extremely easy and also hands free, they also ensure that you don’t need to worry about the outside getting into your home. Not having to worry about a screen door means that you can worry about making your porch party the best on the block, and not how the party is going to get to that porch.

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