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Technology trends that will dominate in 2023

The future will happen in 2023 – while climate change is being fought through global networking and real-time data, the digital space of platforms is becoming an enticing place to be for many people. 

Video Content

Videos are already changing in other types of formats. In 2022 no one wants to spend hours reading, when they can watch videos, which are more fun and easier to understand. Because of its streaming power, Twitch has become the most popular video platform recently. Lots of influencers use Twitch to earn money with brand partnerships. If you want to find sponsors and make money, this is how you can get Twitch followers in 2022.

Food: Stricter rules regarding carbon neutrality

Recently, the phrase “to make products CO2-neutral” has had a magical ring to it among food managers. Meat processors, drugstore chains, discounters and food giants sense the opportunity for image correction .

The advance with climate-neutral products arouses mistrust. In fact, CO2-neutral products can only be made in CO2-neutral companies and at CO2-neutral production sites. And with the reference to climate-neutral products, can’t companies that otherwise think little of animal welfare and environmental protection be greenwashed in an elegant way? Products that claim to be CO2 neutral are unfortunately just the next marketing campaign that wants to make people forget, at least temporarily, that the entire system of our nutrition is sick.

When it comes to the traceability of companies’ CO2 neutrality, things will get done in the coming year: anti-greenwashing regulations. The international reporting company in London will publish mandatory standards for its member companies in 2022. New EU initiatives for companies to deal with climate risks are expected in the summer of next year; corresponding regulations for Singapore and the USA will follow immediately.

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