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The Best Small Portable Speaker 2022

In this post, we will tell you about a small portable speaker. There are many good portable speakers to choose from. The Flare is a good choice for those who want a cheap but good-quality speaker. Its battery is surprisingly durable for its size. It also performs decently. This speaker is perfect for travelling, as it is portable and very light.


The Soundcore Flare offers 360-degree sound, back-to-back dual drivers, and thumping bass radiators. It also uses BassUp Technology to produce depth and clarity. There’s also a companion app that allows you to adjust the EQ. The speaker’s lights show is another nice touch.

Its dual 5-watt neodymium drivers provide immersive sound. It’s also waterproof, has an IPX7 rating, and can be submerged for 30 minutes. It also has a 12-hour battery life and supports Bluetooth 4.2. This feature also lets you pair two Flare speakers together for stereo sound.

Flare 2

The Flare 2 is a small, wireless Bluetooth speaker with 360-degree bass-driven audio. It boasts dual drivers, passive radiators, and BassUp technology for deep, dynamic sound. In addition to its powerful 20-watt output, it features an impressive rainbow light show that pulses and shines to the beat of the music. For added visual interest, you can customize the colour of the LED rings with an app.

It is water-resistant and has an IPX7 rating. This means it can survive up to 30 minutes of immersion in water. While this isn’t ideal for swimming or beach parties, it is safe for outdoor use.

Flare Mini

The Flare Mini is a very affordable Bluetooth speaker. Still, it does have a higher-end alternative: the Anker SoundCore Flare 2. It features all of the features of the Flare Mini and more, including an app that lets you control your music. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and 12-hour battery life, which means you can listen to your music while on the go.

Motion Boom

The Motion Boom small portable speaker is a powerful-sounding speaker that delivers 80 watts of audio through its dual 30-watt woofers and two 10-watt tweeters. Its high-quality sound makes it ideal for various situations, including small gatherings. It is more than enough for a group of friends.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can play for up to 24 hours. You can recharge the battery for an indefinite time using the USB Type-C port.

Soundcore Mini 3

Soundcore has a new small portable speaker called the Soundcore Mini 3 Pro. It’s perfect for the pocket party, with 360-degree audio and an IPX7 waterproof rating. It features Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a USB-C charging port for fast charging. It can also be used as a lamp and has an AUX input.

The sound quality of the Mini 3 is excellent when you listen to music at close range, but it doesn’t do so well when playing songs from a distance.It’s also compatible with more than 100 devices, making it a great choice for people who love music but need something small and portable.

It contains aluminium material and is relatively lightweight, so it can easily fit in your pocket. It measures 2.8 inches long and 3.3 inches wide. It also has a rubber base, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off surfaces. It has a 6-watt driver and a vented passive radiator, which adds depth and bass to the sound.


This post has provided you with a list of small portable speakers. We also explained the features of these products that will help you a lot.

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