The best thing to do if you are hit by a government-owned car


Accidents involving vehicles frequently happen in Oregon. In most cases, people who suffer injuries in an automobile accident that was brought on by someone else’s carelessness or negligence are entitled to compensation. But what happens if you are hit by a government-owned vehicle and suffer injuries or property damage as a result?

When you enlist the aid of a Salem car accident attorney, you will have a professional by your side who is well-versed in both conventional civil personal injury law and the capacity to manage personal injury claims brought against public institutions. We implore you not to attempt to bring a lawsuit against a government agency in Oregon on your own.

Here, we’d like to talk about the difficulties related to accidents involving government cars in Oregon. When these accidents occur, various mechanisms are engaged.

Which Car Models Are Owned by the Government?

Many people are unaware of the enormous number of government-owned automobiles on the roads in and around Oregon. We must take into account the overall number of vehicles owned by the state, county, and municipal administrations. Included in this are the following, though not exclusively:

  • vehicles used by the law
  • trucks for EMS and fire
  • Public works equipment
  • repairing machines
  • the means of public transportation
  • Several departments employ general fleet vehicles.

Like any other type of vehicle, a government-owned car might be involved in an accident that causes severe injuries and considerable property damage.

It is frequently crystal clear that a government-owned vehicle is a member of the fleet when an accident involving one happens (i.e. a marked police or fire vehicle). On the other hand, it is customary for regular government personnel to travel in unmarked cars. In bringing a personal injury or insurance claim, deciding the appropriate party to sue for compensation can be an uphill task.

Act governing Oregon tort claims

In Oregon, it is more challenging to bring a personal injury claim against a government body than it is to obtain one. It is clear from the Oregon Tort Claims Act (OTCA) that a government agency may be held accountable for causing wrongful death or bodily damage. However, this rule only covers claims involving auto accidents if the driver was a government worker performing their duties in connection with those at the time the accident happened.

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