Treat yourself to a stunning blow dry, and it’s not just for girls


In the taxi home after footy training, you are laughing to yourself following a conversation that you never imagined that you would be part of. You are used to teammates enjoying having fun about your hair, not that it worries you, or your female admirers.

You mentioned in the showers that it you use a professional blow dry service in Melbourne. Then at the bar, one of the team mentioned that he would quite like to have something similar, but he did not know what it entailed and could you advise him. It was your pleasure.

  • Well, to start with, you advise him to follow your lead and head to a salon with vast experience who offer a friendly service to all their customers. Having a blow dry is an art form so you do not want anyone having a go at it. You want the best.
  • It should also be a pleasure to have it done, so being able to relax with a hair wash and scalp massage is the perfect start. Taking up tips to improve sleep is also a great way to improve your general mood.
  • An expert stylist will know the perfect shampoo and conditioner that is best suited to your hair type, and the salon you are advising is not short of experts who will know exactly how to tailor the wash and blow dry service.
  • A heat protective is then applied to ensure your hair does not get damaged, prior to giving it a dry but only enough so that it remains damp. It is then that the stylist creates real magic and uses their flair to the full as they use a hairbrush and drier to lift hair from its roots, pulling it up and down, allowing it to be filled with body and bounce. It will look beautiful when going out to watch great outdoor entertainment.
  • You remember from your first time how your hair looked a bit big at this stage, and really thought that the boys at the club would have a field day, but after your stylist advised you to take a seat for a while it settled down. It looked superb and that is why you continue to use the same friendly salon which produces consistently attractive hair.

You have offered your colleague great advice and it ensures that at least two of you in the team will have beautiful looking hair.

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