Tyler Perry and Meghan Markle Are Friends


After Meghan Markle’s shock announcement of her pregnancy, many fans were surprised to find out that the future royal couple were still living in California. The actress and billionaire recently shared her feelings about the British royal family and her fears that they are a racist bunch. The two were once cut off from the royal protection when they moved to British Columbia, but Tyler Perry proved to be a hero in their eyes. They used his entertainment empire to help others and provided a private jet for Whitney Houston’s funeral. In a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple discussed the role of Tyler Perry in their move.

The royal couple now live in their own luxurious home in Montecito, California, but previously resided in a mansion owned by Perry, who used to be a Hollywood star. In a recent interview on Oprah Winfrey, the couple explained why they used to live in Perry’s house: the entertainer offered them security and a home. He was also happy to help the royal couple move from their former royal support to their new home.

Prior to the wedding, the royal couple was staying in a Canadian hotel. However, the security guards were removed soon after the announcement. The couple then moved to the lavish Beverly Ridge Estate home of Tyler Perry. In addition to being a lavish residence, Tyler also owned a $150 million private jet. During their secret getaway in March, the royal couple hopped aboard the Embraer-E190, a $150 million jet. The jet was based outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, the couple’s two children – Archie, and Meghan – stayed in Tyler’s mansion.

While many people may be shocked to learn that the royal couple is dating, Perry has long been a friend of Winfrey. He has said that Winfrey inspired him to start his writing career and he has since consulted her on everything from how to write checks to how to be in control. As the richest Black celebrity in the U.S., Perry’s friendship with the royal couple could be fruitful in the future.

Tyler Perry has been an entertainment mogul in the US and has helped many famous celebrities, including Prince Harry. As well as providing Meghan and Harry with a California home and security, Tyler Perry has also been a good friend to many celebrities. In a recent interview, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a photo of him giving out free pizzas and other goodies to people in need. These random acts of kindness have led to many people to consider him a good friend.

The marriage between Meghan Markle and Tyler Perry is highly controversial because the royal couple met in a television program and their relationship lasted only three months. It was also said that Meghan’s friend Meghan’s godmother, Oprah Winfrey, was one of the celebrities who referred to them as royals. The two men have a son, Aman, who is five years old.

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