Types of Monitoring Solutions Used in the Workplace in Today’s Age


Technology is progressing, and so is every organization personal finance software. No organization can carry out its important day-to-day and business operations without the help of technology. The more an organization is equipped with technology and electronic devices, the more it needs a proper and dedicated workforce to handle the company’s operations.

With increased employee capacity in the workplace, every employer needs to consider deploying monitoring solutions so they can keep an eye on their employee activity and think of new ways to increase employee productivity in the company.

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Employee monitoring is a process of using and deploying different types of surveillance and monitoring tools to record, collect, and analyze data about employee engagement, productivity, performance, internet, social media activity, etc.

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Employee monitoring plays an integral role as it helps employers know what their employees are doing in the company. With a phone spy app installed on an employee’s company-owned phone or monitoring software installed on their computer, the employer can find out whether they are making the best use of their time at the office.

By using employee monitoring tools, the employer can keep a close eye on their employees’ activities and catch them on the spot in case they find them doing anything suspicious, illegal, or unethical. If you suspect an insider threat against your company, you can install employee monitoring tools in the workplace to monitor everything.

Let us discuss and explore different types of employee monitoring solutions that are being used in the workplace in today’s digital age. Also, let us know how monitoring solutions can help you monitor your workforce performance and productivity.

Monitoring Emails, Text Messages, and Phone Calls

Emails sent or received through a company email account are not private. As they are being exchanged through the company’s email servers, employers have admin access to monitor the work emails. The same goes for text messages and phone calls that employees send or receive through company-owned devices.

When employers install monitoring software in the workplace, they can get to monitor emails, text messages, and phone calls of their employees. All communication carried out by employees in the workplace will be recorded and sent to the online dashboard from where the employer can remotely monitor their activity.

Monitoring Internet and Social Media

Employers can also use internet and social media monitoring solutions to ensure the protection and proper use of company-owned computers and smartphones. Companies can also implement a firewall or internet router to scan all incoming and outgoing content and email addresses that are used on the company’s network.

With the help of these systems, companies can recognize malicious data, infected smartphones, and computers and then identify if any suspicious network activities are taking place on them.

Most employees use the internet and social media platforms to carry out business operations. However, at the same time, they are using these services for leisure activities. The problem arises when employees spend long hours on these platforms while neglecting their office work.

To prevent your employees from wasting time on the internet and social media, it is important for employees to keep a check on their web browsing history. By using employee monitoring software on the employee’s device, you can know what sites your employee is visiting, what apps they are using, what sort of content they are viewing, and what sort of messages they are exchanging with others.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most common types of employee monitoring. Almost every company has installed CCTV cameras in the workplace to keep an eye on their employees’ movements. However, most companies use video monitoring for the purpose of security rather than actually monitoring employees’ activities.

Employers use CCTV cameras in the workplace to prevent vandalism, ferocity, and robbery. Also, there are a lot of companies that use video monitoring tools to keep track of their employee’s location, real-time activities, and productivity.

In other countries, the video monitoring tool is deployed in the workplace because it is a health and safety requirement. Whatever the reason is behind, it is important to notice that video surveillance is quite useful for every company and should be installed in all workplaces.

Employee Monitoring App

Last but not least, companies should consider installing employee monitoring software and getting them installed on each employee device. By using this software, you can boost employee engagement and employee productivity in the company.

Fortunately, we are a part of a digital world where technology has advanced tremendously. It is easy to get hands on an effective, reliable, and robust employee monitoring software that offers several important monitoring and surveillance features.

Some of the best monitoring features offered by an employee monitoring app are monitoring emails, text messages, phone calls, location, internet browsing history, and social media. There are also employee monitoring apps available in the market that offer advanced monitoring services such as Gmail logging, surround recording, call recording, and keylogging.

Mobistealth is a cell phone spy software that provides all these monitoring and surveillance features to its users, becoming the best monitoring app in the business. With this app, you can also see the list of contacts and installed apps on the employee device.

With the advancement of technology in the modern world, this type of employee monitoring software is becoming widely popular, and for a valid reason. Every company needs some sort of employee monitoring tool in the workplace that can help improve employee productivity and employee engagement.

Besides boosting employee productivity and employee engagement, employee monitoring software also help employers detect fraudulent employees in the company. This type of software helps the employer catch the employee right away who attempts to expose the company’s confidential information to a third-party or business competitor.

Therefore, if you want to protect your company from data breaches and cyberattacks, it is important to install effective and reliable employee monitoring software in the workplace. Using this software, you can remotely monitor your employees from the online dashboard from anywhere and at any time and check what sort of activities they are involved in.

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