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What are the Microsoft customer insights on MS Dynamics

Numerous CRM tools offer standard functionalities like important sales and tools for marking, but a couple offers something more than this. Picking a CRM platform depends on various factors ranging from the budget to the operations being carried out on the platform that offers great Microsoft customer insights.

Microsoft Dynamics are mainly a cloud-based CRM platform catering to its main needs. Microsoft had revamped its business’s cloud application processes by bringing in various operations, including sales, marketing, and customer support, all under a single roof. Microsoft is a platform offering two editions of Dynamic, including the business and the Enterprise edition. Each of the editions arrives with its collection of purpose-built applications.

  1. Cost-efficient solution 

Microsoft Dynamics is the most significant CRM as it is the most cost-effective solution and offers identical services such as Salesforce. But, Microsoft Dynamics prices are almost 35% less than the Salesforce CRM. Although quite notably, the CRM arrives with four modules in that price range for the entire bundle, including Field, Sales, Project Services, and Customer Services.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also offering better flexibility to their customers in purchasing the distinctive modules while expanding to the other add-ons based on the requirement of the business.

  1. Seamless integration with native Microsoft applications

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics with the native applications of Microsoft comes without any difficulties as it becomes integrated easily with Sharepoint, Office 365, and Outlook.

The users can access the integration services for the integrations of the application and the data along with the Power BI for Microsoft for the predictive insights and analysis for the users to aid in fostering better opportunities like cross-sell and up-sell.

  1. Offers a complete 360-degree view of the customer

Microsoft Dynamics would aid you in attaining and aggregating comprehensive customer information. It would encompass the information related to the opportunities and history of the sales, billings, payments, quotes, credit information, and others.

The 360-degree view of your customer will aid your representatives in a better understanding of the entire relationship and history with your company. It would aid you in bringing greater proactiveness while checking out better engagement opportunities and pitching the right customer. The blind spots in the details are more likely to throw them off their game.

  1. Offers you better data control

Microsoft Dynamics works pretty well under the cloud setup, and it gets hosted across every premise while users can subscribe to them. The customers will have the better benefit of owning the whole data. The deployment of the onsite CRM by the businesses is efficient in handling sensitive data with the whole autonomy over their CRM, which is the perfect way to secure against data breaches of any kind.

  1. Use Microsoft Dynamics Service to Build Custom CRM Development

You might even create a distinctive app with the Microsoft Enterprise CRM solutions based on the time requirements of the company. You might develop better sales, marketing, customer services, and rest solutions for this business. 

The proper management of the knowledge resources, spotting the business changes, customer engagement and the upsell/cross-sell, and the rest of the features are also integrated into them. Furthermore, it would allow you to support the entire marketing campaign on the Microsoft business solutions established on this CRM.

  1. Dynamics Great Plains for Development of Solutions

The primary use of Microsoft Dynamics web application is for establishing business analysis and reporting functionalities. These innovative services from Microsoft would offer the right kind of data information to the designated person at the right time. It helps in the rapid management and detection of transformations and access to share information.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Service for MS Dynamics Solomon

You might have developed the accounting and regulatory apps for your firm using Microsoft Dynamics Solomon. The business solutions from Microsoft offer a massive development spectrum that includes account administration, project management, and sophisticated regulatory compliance processes for varied uses. It renders the user-friendly development streamlined to make the company’s operations an easy task.

Closing thoughts

Microsoft customer insights bring about the better effort made to establish companies to stand out from their competitors, which sets them apart. The MS Dynamic solution is the best tool to make a business appear innovative. 

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