What Constitutes A High Asset Divorce In Houston?



When it comes to a high asset divorce in Houston, there are many complex factors to consider. Having an experienced Houston divorce attorney by your side is essential to ensure that your rights are protected and that the process is handled efficiently. In this blog post, we will discuss what constitutes a high asset divorce in Houston and the steps that you should take to ensure a successful resolution.

How to value assets in a high asset divorce?

In a high asset divorce, assets need to be accurately valued. This can be done by hiring an appraiser or certified public accountant to review the assets and determine their worth. This information is then used to divide the assets between the two parties.

The role of prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be used to protect assets in a high asset divorce. They can help to clarify the ownership of property, how it should be divided in the event of a divorce, and who should be responsible for debts. Prenups are also used to set out how child custody, child support, and spousal support should be handled.

Dividing retirement accounts

When it comes to high asset divorces, retirement accounts are some of the most important assets to consider. The division of these accounts needs to be carefully handled to ensure fairness for both parties. The court must determine what percentage each spouse is entitled to and if any taxes or penalties will apply. Both parties should have a full understanding of the details before finalizing the agreement.

Dividing businesses in a divorce

The division of business assets in a divorce is complex and requires the expertise of an attorney with experience in this area. Business interests, investments, and debts all need to be identified, valued, and divided appropriately.

Luxury items and other valuables

In a high asset divorce, luxury items such as cars, jewelry, artwork and other personal possessions can be important parts of the assets that need to be divided. These items should be appraised and given an accurate value so that both parties can agree on how to divide them in the divorce. If you own valuable items, it’s important to have these appraised before the divorce is finalized.


In a high asset divorce, it is essential to understand how to divide assets in an equitable manner. An experienced attorney can help guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected.

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