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Where Can I Buy Used Jewelry?

Knowing exactly where to buy & sell your jewelry can help you get the most cash and the best deals. You can buy & sell jewelry to local retailers, such as jewelry stores, pawn shops, or online. When choosing the best option, several deciding factors come to mind; you might consider how fast you need the money, what jewelry you’re selling, and what style you like.

Jewelry Stores

Local jewelry stores are generally some of the best places to sell jewelry, but buying from them, not so much. Prominent jewelers like Kay, Tiffany, and Zales are big-name local jewelers, and because they are so well known, they can raise their prices without a second thought. They might give you a reasonable price for your jewelry, but not compared to what they will sell it for. They are more convenient being local and in-person rather than shipping it to an online-based source. So that is a significant bonus, but it often doesn’t negate their outrageous prices!

Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold is one of the best places to sell your jewelry online. They will accept just about anything that contains gold. You will get fast payment and free return shipping if you change your mind and don’t like their offered price. The downside is that they sell to many large companies by auctioning off your diamonds and gold, so if you want to buy from them, plan on paying top dollar to compete.

Pawn Shops

If you don’t have a fine jewelry store around, there are still other options! One option is your average pawn shop. Jewelry stores will only buy items that are in high demand, such as necklaces, gold rings, and diamonds. But pawn shops will buy pretty much anything, including unique pieces like old watches, costume jewelry, and anything else with gold or diamonds. Unlike many other places listed, Pawn shops also give you cash for your jewelry rather than store credit.

Pawn shops surprisingly get a lot of their jewelry inventory from people who need quick cash, so they bring it there to sell. Not all pawn shops have somebody who knows jewelry all that well, so I would check your local pawn shops out if you want to buy some. They can have some fantastic deals going that you don’t even know about.

Facebook Marketplace

Today Facebook is used by anybody and everybody. It’s very simple to go online and use facebook’s built-in marketplace to buy or sell items. You can find some great deals there! Not everybody is experienced with knowing what they have. For example, somebody’s mom might discover her son’s gold necklace after he goes off to college. She could then unknowingly list it for 20% of what it’s actually worth. People often try to get rid of things quickly, and their loss is your gain. You may also want to watch out for fake gold because people will list jewelry claiming it as authentic real gold, but they are “real gold-plated,” which is less than 1% gold. Gold-plated is just a really thin layer of gold, typically over copper, silver, or steel. Don’t get fooled!

At the end of the day, there are plenty of places to buy and sell jewelry locally and online. How much you want to spend is entirely up to you. By checking out multiple areas and researching, you can find the place with the best jewelry at the lowest prices. If you don’t do any research, you might buy something fake and get ripped off! Not every place is honest, so having a little knowledge of jewelry beforehand is an excellent skill to take with you.

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