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Why Choose an Online Excel to PDF Converter?

There are many free Excel to PDF converter programs online, but the question remains: Why should you pay for an upgrade? In this article, I’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type, as well as how to save multiple worksheets in one PDF file. And as always, I’ll answer your questions in the comments section. Also, read on to find out how to save multiple worksheets into a single PDF file. Just For example MiroTools allows you to convert Excel to PDF online.

Free online Excel to PDF converters

Excel to PDF converter software converts multiple spreadsheet formats into a single file, and it helps preserve the original layout, format, and images of Excel files. With the PDF format, you can view and share Excel files easily without worrying about accidental tampering. Furthermore, PDFs have a number of perks, including hassle-free sharing and printing. To get the best results, use Excel to PDF converter software.

HiPDF is a free online Excel to PDF converter that allows you to convert Excel files without registering with an email address. You simply click the “send to” function to upload the file. The website does not collect your personal information and deletes the document after an hour. You can save the output on your computer or cloud drive. The maximum file size is 50MB. However, you can always upgrade your account to unlock all the features.


You don’t have to download any special software to convert your Excel file to a PDF. Rather, you can use an online tool that will convert Excel to PDF in less than two minutes. GogoPDF is one such tool. It supports all major platforms and promises to delete your files permanently after one hour. You can choose to convert all or part of your Excel file. To learn more about this tool, read on.

The convenience of online Excel to PDF converters can’t be emphasized enough. People use Excel to prepare spreadsheets, and once you’ve converted them, you can save them as PDFs. The main benefit of a PDF file is that it has no restrictions on who can view or edit it. And it’s free! But is it worth the convenience? Not necessarily. Before you choose an online Excel to PDF converter, it’s essential that you know what you’re looking for.


Although free and easy to use, online Excel to PDF converters have some shortcomings. The process is long, often requires trial-and-error, and may raise security concerns. Moreover, most online converters don’t provide advanced features or editing tools. As such, you’re restricted to converting a single Excel file at a time. Nevertheless, these limitations don’t discourage many users from giving these converters a try.

Another limitation is that an online Excel to PDF converter has no ability to alter the print area or page break size of a sheet. Because the file is stored online, it can only be accessed during the current session. If you close your browser, you won’t be able to access the file, and you’ll have to upload it again. In addition, the free version doesn’t allow you to save the converted PDF to your computer.

Saving multiple worksheets in a single PDF

An online Excel to PDF converter can help you save multiple worksheets in a single document. All you have to do is select your desired destination, the sheet tabs, and the desired export destination to save multiple worksheets in one PDF document. After that, you can choose to save your workbook as a single file, or save multiple worksheets in one PDF document. Once you’re done, you can view your new PDF document online or print it out.

Final Remarks:

When converting multiple worksheets, the option to select the first and last pages may be useful. You can also opt for optimization, though this option is optional. For most users, sticking with “Standard” should be enough. Selecting “Minimum size” will minimize the file size. Changing the location of the PDF file can also be done, but it’s not necessary.

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